When Men Gave Up On Me, God Healed Me Of A Hiv And Leg Poison

Then he said to me, “Prophecy to the breath; prophesy, son of man, and say to it, `This is what the Sovereign LORD says: Come from the four winds, O breath, and breathe into this slain, that they may live.'”
So I prophesied as he commanded me, and breath entered them; they came to life and stood up on their feet–a vast army. ( Ezekiel 37: 9-10)

The omnipotent God, Lion of Judah, Impossibility specialist, The Alpha and Omega did what no man can do in the life of our brother, Praise the Lord!

My name is Bro. Emmanuel from Okana Branch 9th Mile Autonomous.

I am here to testify of the goodness of God and how God saved my life. I was afflicted with a sickness called in Igbo dialect achu ere (elephantiasis/ Poisoned leg) in 2019; this sickness tormented me so much that my legs were almost to be cut off; it was decaying and getting worst.

During this time, they told me that I had to perform some sacrifice. I will have to bring kolanut to the ancestors before being cured. I became angry and refused their bid.

However, on that very day, they washed up the medicine they had applied to my leg, and then I went to church, which was an autonomous combined service. Four days after that service, I did not use any medicine, and the pains were no longer there. God took over, and they brought me to my branch pastor; after counseling, I threw away all the medicine I had and then began to look unto God of Chosen.

Just after the encounter, flesh started covering the bone because the leg had rotten to the extent that it became apparent, and the wound started drying up.

After I gave testimony to the glory of God that the wound is gone, the devil came back again with more severe torment; they afflicted me again and I went to the hospital this time, I was diagnosed with seven different chronic diseases; HIV, cancer, ulcer, infection of the liver, infection of the kidney, infection of the bladder, urinary tract infection all these things were in my body.

During this diagnosis, I trusted God; I told them that all those things were lies and that it was not true. Subsequently, I began to recover, pastors prayed, and even all my friends that were coming to the hospital went back with tears; nobody believed that I could survive it; right in the hospital, they were removing dead bodies nearly every day, and I was looking at them, but I know that my case is different because I am a Chosen.

Finally, God rolled away all that sickness, and even the doctor himself confirmed that I am a miracle, Mgbidi crusade marked the end of all those things, and nothing was found in my body again, even the HIV NGO’S from America that was going around took my sample and tested it they confirmed that there is nothing found, They asked me, Are you sure you have HIV? I replied that they should ask the hospital because they were the ones that diagnosed me; even when I left the hospital, the doctor said to me, “your case is a miracle because the way he saw me, he never had hope that I would survive,” Halleluyah.

2nd testimony:

During this time of sickness, I was also suffering chronic poverty that was even worst than the sickness in my body; even eating food was a problem because I would need to beg people, and my children were running up and down looking for means to survive, as a result of this sickness I retired unwillingly as a police officer in 2019, and could not process my benefit. They delayed that benefit until two months ago when I finally processed it, but it can no longer go with the other people. But to God be the glory, just last two months I was paid all my benefits and today I came with a brand new bus that is my own, and I used it to bring people so they can follow me and thank this God of Chosen.

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