[VIDEO] The Omnipotent God Turned The Hiv + Result Into Negative

I have seen their ways, but I will heal them; I will guide them and restore comfort to Israel’s mourners, creating praise on their lips. Peace, to those far and near,’ says the Lord, ‘And I will heal them.’ Isa 57 vs. 18 – 19.

The King of Kings, The mighty healer, the yoke breaker, the one who is more potent than all, the God of the Chosen, has done what no man can do.

My name is Sis Alice from Cross River State.

While working at my previous workplace in October 2017, somebody connected me to another place; When I went there, I worked for 2 months, then I was asked to go for a health screening; we went for the test and was asked to come the next day for the result when I arrived and went to the doctor, she said madam, you have a disease” I said God forbid I don’t have any disease because I am a Chosen; she said no, ma, this is your health result, I asked her what the condition was, and she said HIV and TB, immediately I rejected it declaring that I am a Chosen, she said they have already sent it to my boss. I asked them to give me the test result, then I left the hospital in tears.

However, this happened on a Wednesday; on Thursday, which was the Deliverance program, I came to Church, and the topic of that day was “Any plant that my heavenly father has not planted must be uprooted,” I claimed it. After our G.O’s preaching, during the prayer session, he mentioned my case and passed a declaration saying, “go back to the hospital and do that test; you are healed; I claimed it and made a vow to God.

That day my boss was nervous; he asked me, Alice, are you sick? I said no, I am not sick. He said do you have a cough I said no; he asked for my account number and transferred 10,000, and then asked me to go and do the test again.

Immediately, I went to another hospital and did the test again; lo and behold, it came out negative; I asked them where I would do the TB test; they directed me to where my saliva and cough sample was taken, after 2 hours, the test came out, and it was negative when I collected the test results, I informed my boss. He said I should take it to the first hospital; when I did, they said it was a lie and that I should go to Yaba for confirmation; we asked how much it would cost, and they said #50,000 or #100,000, and I said no problem.

The next day, We left for Yaba, and on my way, I called my G.O, and he prayed and canceled it. I had faith that I was okay. When we reached there, I was busy smiling because I knew God was involved. We paid, and I went in for the test. When the test came out, it was Negative (-). My boss was very happy. He said I know you are not sick, but it was an attack.

While all these were going on, I was not going to work, so the next day he called that I should resume work and that they were opening the place and would be waiting for me, so I started work again.

Hallelujah! I called on the God of chosen about my case, and he answered me; right here in my hand are the three test results, and for the vow I made, I have come to redeem it.

Praise the Lord!

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