[VIDEO] HIV (AIDS) Battered By God After Stepping Forward Thrice

Psalm 103:2 Bless the LORD, O my soul, and forget not all His benefits: 3b who healeth all thy diseases;

The Lord that does this or that, the only solution to those who have been medically written off has done all things well. Here is His awesome deed:

My name is Brother Victor Nelson, and I reside in Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria. I have come to appreciate this Great God for healing me and my wife from a deadly ailment.

Two weeks ago, I had a symptom in my body: I find it difficult to urinate; whenever I’m seriously pressed, if I go to ease myself, the urine drops one after the other instead of flowing freely.

I told my wife about this development in my body system, she advised me to go for a check-up. We went to Adesimi hospital at Ikeja for the test, and the result had it that I have contracted HIV/AIDS.

While in a state of dilemma, I told the doctor not to disclose the result to my wife but test her first to know if she was affected.

The doctor heeded my suggestion and asked me to leave the office shortly while he called in my wife to test her. At the end of this exercise, it was discovered that my wife was also positive. So, the doctor sent for me, I came into the office, sat close to my wife, and the doctor began to disclose the outcome of the tests carried out on us: the both of us were HIV positive. That day was on Wednesday.

On Thursday morning, I recalled how a lot of people have testified on how God healed them from HIV/AIDS, and trusted God that our(I and my wife)case won’t be different.

We came to the church that morning, and during the prayers of the man of God for the sick people, he mentioned diabetes, then HIV, he said that we are many that have contracted that disease.
Furthermore, he instructed that we leave our seats and make three steps forward, then go back to where we were tested before to do a retest after the service. We did exactly as instructed.

On getting there, the doctor carried out the same test on us. In amazement, he asked,’ are you not the couple that was confirmed HIV positive the other day?’, I replied in affirmation, he said that he couldn’t see anything wrong with us; we were pronounced negative. Hallelujah!

I thank this Mighty God who makes all impossibilities become possible; He kills incurable diseases, and He alone is worthy of all our praises.

Glory be to His name!!!

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