Twin Boys, 10 Years Born Deaf And Dumb Received Instant Healing

Sister Peace Njeze the mother of twin boys who hasn’t heard and spoken since she gave birth to them attended The Lord’s Chosen church’ program for the first time.
According to her, after she delivered her twin boys, as they began to grow, she realized that they couldn’t hear or speak. She has been managing the situation and believing God that one day there would be a change.
Meanwhile, she heard about the two days Power-Packed program of The Lord’s Chosen church and decided to bring them to the revival ground.
They came to participate in the ongoing convention of today. During our G.O’s declaration of healing and freedom, the mighty power of God like that of a rushing wind paved its way towards their direction and knocked the spirit of deaf and dumb out of the lives of those boys to the glory of God.
What a mighty God we serve!
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