THERE’S HOPE FOR NIGERIA – Pastor Lazarus Muoka

Pastor Lazarus Muoka, General Overseer of The Lord’s Chosen Charismatic Revival Ministries (TLCCRM), on being interviewed by the media crew led by the church’s public relation Officer Pst. Chidi Louis has said there is hope for Nigeria in spite of the present challenges.
He said the insecurity and socio-economic problems have caused huge losses and hopelessness to many families.
The soft-spoken evangelist reiterated that God can cause a total turnaround for individuals and the nation, he asked the citizens to renew their trust in God.
Pastor Muoka, in his statement, said these during a two-day annual crusade tagged, ‘Hope For The Needy’, November 20th and 21st 2021 at the Chosen Revival Ground, Ijesha, Nigeria
The statement contained: “It is common knowledge that the prevailing political and economic situation in the country today has given rise to a multiplicity of needs.
“Consequently the future has become so bleak as human efforts could no longer guarantee hope for the needy. Seeing the situation of man, God has decided through this program to give hope to the needy. “It does not matter the circumstances of your need or how long you have been in that state of despondency or who is behind your predicaments, our assurance is that God has set aside the two days to intervene in the affairs of the needy as He did in the bible days.
“So, if since the beginning of the year, you have tried all you could to no avail and there seems to be no hope, you need not worry, for God has designed the two-day annual program to bring hope for you. When asked about the plans of the Ministry, the General Overseer responded as follows:
The Lords Chosen Charismatic Revival Ministry has gone global in the mission of winning 10 Billion Souls, this is the mandate of The Lords Chosen.
Furthermore, the G.O. said that he will be making weekly visits to States across the Country for mini crusades via the Thursday Counselling & Deliverance Services as a means of fulfilling the Grassroot Revival across the country and the world.
At the beginning of the year Mgbidi crusade for 2022 will be held in Lagos State. This will be a first-time Lagos experience for all.
We are expecting everybody to be a part of that programme.
Further questions were asked concerning political matters and the forthcoming Presidential Election. He stated that he is not a politician and that what God has determined shall be done.
He wishes to remind the Church that Jesus is coming to rapture the church, whatever we do today therefore should be according to the Will of God.
The General Overseer concluded the interview by praying for Nigeria and blessing the Crew. He prayed that the blessings of the Lord will follow each and everyone and nobody running this race will miss heaven at last in Jesus name. Amen.
Source: Chosen Revival News – CRN
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