The Yoke Of Premature Death Broken By The God Of Chosen – Adamawa 2022

Isaiah 9:4 
For thou hast broken the yoke of his burden, and the staff of his shoulder, the rod of his oppressor, as in the day of Midian.

The burden lifter( God)has lifted the shame of our beloved sister, and comforted her. Read her testimony below:

My name is Sister Comfort Ajibade, standing beside me is brother Divine Ajibade and Sister Favour Ajibade; we want to thank God for making us Chosen members. I am here to appreciate this God Of Chosen who has made me a mother.

It happened that, in my former place of worship; an evil prophecy was made against my marriage. I was told that I will get married, but won’t give birth to any child, and if I do, the child will not live. They added that whatever I lay my hands to do, shall be filled with struggles.

I had my first and second baby but lost them at three and seven months. In 2008, I delivered through operation(CS). The reproach continued that way till I joined The Lord’s Chosen church through the cable. God blessed me with another child without oppression. Before that child came, the specialist at the hospital in Adamawa State where I go for my anti-natal care, ruled a red line on my card and asked me to return at nine months for an operation. I told my branch pastor about the report of the doctor, and he assured me that there is nothing impossible for God to do. As God may have it, I gave birth to that child without operation, but that night, the baby gave up the ghost.

So, my pastor instructed me to go to the Head quarters in Lagos State and settle my matter with God.

I came here, spent one month with God, and when I returned back to my state, God blessed me with another fruit of the womb, that’s this boy standing here with me.

Seven months after his birth, the enemy came through a dream and threatened to take him away from me. I woke up and discovered that he was lying lifeless beside me. Knowing the danger at hand, I tapped my husband, and immediately we rushed him to the hospital. When the doctor saw him, he asked us why we brought a dead body to him, that we should go and bury him. My husband said, ” let’s go”, but I didn’t buy his idea. I insisted we go to the altar of God in my branch church to place him there.

We got to the church but the gate was locked, we knocked till the security man opened the gate for us. At that point I was confused: the child has changed colour. I dropped him at the altar and went far away from him, my husband advised that we go home, but I insisted to stay there and see the end of it all.

Brethren, before 30 minutes, my baby came back to life and started crying, my husband said I should go and carry him, that was how we went back to the house and not to the hospital till date.

Secondly, God comforted me with a daughter names Favour. Praise God!

To all the Chosen families worldwide, I pray heaven at last in Jesus’ name.

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