Terrible Yoke Of Stammering Tongue Rolled Away By God Of Chosen At Only God Can Do This 2021

Beyond human comprehension, the God Of Chosen extended His wonders in the life of our brother, read his attestation below:

My name is Nnamdi Okoye. I live at Amodu street IlaJe Lagos State. I’ve come to testify to the goodness of God in my life. I was once a stammerer, I couldn’t talk properly the way I talk now. I came to the Lord’s chosen church in 2009 through a friend of mine who invited me. I attended the branch at Ketu and went back to the world because I dislike the way things are done there.

In 2009, I was attacked with stroke, and my body became partly paralyzed. The ailment brought me back to this church in 2010, so I became serious about the things of God. That same year, I attended the baptismal class, in the space of 3-4 months, we went through the teachings, and on the 18th of December, we went for immersion baptism at Badagry. There and then, I observed that most of my baptismal partners spoke in tongues as they underwent the baptismal process. As a stammerer, I stood and watched till it got to my turn. The moment I stepped into the water and was baptized, I noticed that my tongue was loose, that was how I started talking freely for the first time. Hallelujah!

Prior to my healing, the impediment in my speech was so severe that I would look for a wall to hit my head before I can speak out.

Today I’m grateful to the Almighty God for I am a free man. I love my pastor and the brethren.
Praise the Lord!

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