BIBLE TEXT: Joshua 1:8, Hosea 4:6, John 8:32.
As you commence this youth programme today, everyone must get all our weapons to learn and to hear. We must get them ready, things like Biro, Jotter, and of cause our Bible. When we have all these materials ready, it will show that we have come to learn, acquire knowledge and equip ourselves to be blessed and to be filled with the glory and power of the Most High God.
We have come to learn, we have not come for any other thing, we have come to be blessed, and if somebody must be blessed that person must be ready to listen to all instructions that shall be given him. That person must ensure he has all in this program, the one you need to jot down, the one you need to write down so that you can be able to go back home, meditate on them read them on your own, and apply them in your life.
I want to let you know that this kind of time does not come every time, it is just once in a year you have this kind of program, and anything you have missed now you may not get them again until next year and sometimes it depends on the theme that year has.
You’re not here to eat or play, you have come to acquire the grace of future and present glory. Other people may be going up and down, but if you are an intelligent youth and child of God, then you must not do what others are doing. You must make sure you get the blessing before you go home. Let us make sure we’re not here to waste our time.
It is either you take note of those things and be blessed or you go home as you came. God Forbid! As children of the Living God, we have to be serious-minded, 1st Peter 5:8. The devil is not a friend, so don’t give him a chance. Remember, his activities are against you, John 10:10a, Ephesians 4:27. Let us endeavour to hear and learn from the programme, and be blessed.
There are those who came for this kind of meeting for sightseeing and others to sleep. Be serious-minded. Don’t be a victim because God has a reason for speaking to you in this way, so you will never go home empty-handed. This year, everybody will benefit and go home with blessings, become filled with glory and testimony. Somebody will be saying can the enemy do all these? How do we know these things? The enemy can cause distractions. Job 1:6-7. So, do not play with your soul. Do not give the enemy chance. Your life shall never be the same in Jesus name. You are welcome.

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