Several Distinctions And First Class Honours Granted By God Amidst Sickness And Scarcity Of Reading Materials – Adamawa 2022

Deuteronomy 28:13a And the LORD shall make thee the head, and not the tail; and thou shalt be above only, and thou shalt not be beneath;

The Faithful God confirmed the above scripture verse in the life of our sister and gave her the testimony below:

My name is Sister Margret Eze. I have come to bless the name of the Lord for making my family and I Chosen members. I also appreciate Him for helping us to remain in fellowship till today. I have come to testify about my academic excellence: By the special grace of God, I came down to Adamawa in 2016 and enrolled at Adamawa State University.

After enrollment, many of my colleagues told me that the program was not meant for people like me; furthermore, they said that I can’t make it because I can’t cope with the buying of hand-outs and other educational materials, but, I replied, “I’m a Chosen and we are first class”. To keep it short, I was mocked and rejected. When group assignments are given, they (my coursemates) don’t add me because they knew I won’t pay any bribe as they do. Notwithstanding, I know the God I serve.

It got to the point when I said unto God, “if you gave me the finance to enroll in this program in the first place, I want you to prove to these people that Chosen members are always special.

When the first semester results were released, my colleagues called me and said, “Doctor Meg, you can’t believe what happened!”. At that moment, I mimicked my pastor and said, “tell me what happened?”. They said, “we wrote 11 examinations and out of that 11 courses you have 8 A’s, 2 B’s, and 1 C. It didn’t end there. As the semester continued, there was a particular semester I had 8 A’s all through.

In my 300 level, when we were about to write our exams, I fell ill and couldn’t even study for the exams. At the examination hall, I felt so weak to write. To worsen the case, the first compulsory question was difficult for me to answer because I was unable to read the topic before the exam. At that point, I declared who I am to the paper and the booklet: ‘I’m a Chosen(*3), I asked the exam, who are you? Amazingly, the God of my pastor appeared in the form of the lecturer that handles the course and began to lecture me on the same compulsory question. Immediately, strength came upon me, and I answered the questions abruptly.

Today, I am returning all the glory to God who has made me who I am today: a first-class graduate.


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