See How God Thwarted The Plans Of The Devil And An A.K 47 Bullet Could Not Penetrate

Psalm 44.7 – But Thou hast saved us from our enemies and hast put them to shame that hated us.

My name is Brother Chinedum Onyejemeli, I am the Assistant State Pastor of the Lord’s Chosen Church Uyo, Akwa Ibom, State. Our heavenly father destroyed the plans of the enemies and delivered me from death.

On the 27th of April, 2023, we attended a workers’ vigil at UyoAkwa Ibom,  State. I came very early and decided to rest in my office before the vigil starts. I had to spread a mat on the floor and lay on it, then suddenly, I heard a sound (kpooooh), I jumped up and I heard another sound like 2 Iron clashing, I was shocked wondering where the sounds were coming from, just then, I heard something hit the wall, bounced back, hit my foot, and fell on the ground.

Immediately, I grabbed my torch and flashed light on the floor and saw a metallic pointed substance, it was strange, and when I looked closer I realize it was a bullet, I began to wonder how the bullet entered my office. But when I checked the ceiling, I realized the bullet fell directly from the ceiling opposite where I lay my head. I give God all the Glory.

Later, I showed one of our brothers who is a police officer the bullet and he said “This is A.K. 47 life ammunition bullet”, he further explained that the force of the bullet can break a wall and do whatever it wants to do but God protected me.

I thank God for saving my life from death and thwarting the plans of my enemies.

Praise the Lord!


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