Pastor Muoka holds press conference with journalists on ‘Enemies Submitted’ 2018

Press Conference on the crusade titled ‘…And the Enemies submitted’held on 4th June, 2018

The The General Overseer (G.O) of The Lord’s Chosen Charismatic Revival Movement, Pastor Lazarus Muoka addresses the press.

I must thank you for the good work you are doing for the publication for the ministry. The reasons for this press conference is to formally inform the general public concerning the forth coming program titled “And the Enemies Submitted”. This crusade usually holds once in two years and here we have it this time around, and this program is meant to address the problems that the Nation and the people are going through at every point in time.

Last two years, we had this program great and by the special grace of God we know our God handled the fate of the Nations. The problems we have in this Nation even in the whole Nations of the World are not humanly. The problems we are having here and there are, as a result of the End-Time Prophecy, “in the last days, perilous times shall come”, and we are in the breeze of iniquities.

At this point in time, these things which are happening sometimes, and in most

Cases God allows those cases to happen for people to draw closer to him and our program is meant to ensure that those principalities and powers that people are trying to handle humanly are addressed spiritually because the Bible says that “we wrestle not against flesh and blood but against principalities and powers, against spiritual wickedness in high places”.

So while we are sitting here, we have authorities from God to bring the enemies under our feet by the authority we have in him because the Bible says in the book of Luke 10: 19 “Behold I give unto you power to tread upon serpents and scorpions and over all the powers of the enemies and nothing shall by any means hurt you” and according to the book of Matthew 18:18 “whatever we bind on earth shall be bind in heaven”

So, the church has authority at every point in time to war against the enemies of man in humanity that causes all the killings, diseases, the problems. So in this program, as we pray and bind and decree, Gods almighty will bring these enemies under the soles of our feet. The nations and the people will continue to enjoy until the rapture takes place because God allowed the problems that’s why we are here. But then as a church, God has given us authority to make sure that we stand against these enemies and we bind them until we are taken away, until we are raptured above.

So, if we are here this problem that keeps on increasing and we don’t do anything pertaining to the problems we have, the problems will be much more than what we are seeing today. So we are meant to pray and bring these enemies to subjection and you know that they are not human beings, those are evil spirits, they are not going to die, if you bind them and chain them before you know it, somehow in one way or the other they are back again, that is why the program is a continuous one.

If in anywhere they try to rise again before two years, we will come again and launch attack towards them, so the point now is that in this program all that the enemies may have done in the lives of the people in the recent times as we pray, all of them, all those enemies, those principalities and powers will be bound and remain bound.

The devil and his human agents and the problem they create is what we’re seeing among us today. Problem of killing, robbery, stealing, affliction of various kinds of diseases, economic recession, poverty in the lives of the people etc and as we pray and bind these spirits, the people that came into this program and even the nations will have a relief and their enemies will be held under subjection and they will have their way and be blessed and all and on until Jesus Christ comes.

So we believe that at the end of this program, the Nation will have a sigh of relief because our enemies must have submitted.

Question and Answer Session

QUESTION: Sir, you mentioned every two years and I thought that it was yearly, what is this two year program about?

ANSWER: …AndThe Enemies Submitted

QUESTION: Sir, if I may ask about these two years, why every two years?

ANSWER: Well, that is how I was led

QUESTION: Sir, ‘And the Enemies Submit’ in this context, can you tell us who are these enemies? I mean in Nigerian context

ANSWER: Thank you very much. The Bible said in the book of 1st Peter 5: 8 “be sober, be vigilant because your adversaries, your enemy walketh about like a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour” and his works according to John 10:10 “ is to kill, to steal and to destroy”. So our enemy in the first place is the enemy of Nigeria, the devil; the enemy of man, the devil and then he has agents that work with him and these agents at times are, human beings. But the point is whether the devil likes it or not, in this program, they will surely submit.


QUESTION: Ok sir, would you at this point, say some of the impacts of this program in the past. One or two things, you can lay your hands on and say that in the past years, this program has done.

The foremost thing, the program is targeting the souls of the people to ensure that their souls are saved, because if they are under the spell of the Devil and they are bound they cannot be saved and so the previous program we had here, we heard many people who testified of genuine salvation, how they gave their lives to Jesus Christ and become converted because their enemies have submitted and that was why they were able to make that decision and gave their lives to Jesus Christ.

So the first impact is,’ Salvation’ and secondly, we have various kinds of afflictions in the lives of people, Blindness, Deafness, Dumbness, Paralysis, HIV, Cancer, various kinds of liver problems, kidney  problems; all these things had been taken care of and so many people who were struggling to eat, and so many people who their  business have been wrecked, so many people that are out of employment; some of them were blessed financially, some with employment, some in areas of child-bearing and also in most cases when this blessings are made, the nation will enjoy peace,

If you look at our nation, you will hear a lot of happenings here and there. You will think the nation is standing. The nation is not standing because what man can do, it is the power of prayers that is keeping this nation. The peace you are enjoying, am telling you that it is the power of prayers that makes the nations to have this peace that you all are enjoying today. In most cases, you may discover that people go about and they work with one another, so it is God that is keeping the nation through these kinds of program.

QUESTION: Pastor, we will like to know whether, the crusade would be made for only the chosen ones or both the nations?


ANSWER: Thank you very much, this program is not just for the chosen ones [The Body of Christ] is also for the unbelievers and not just for people in Lagos or Nigeria or Africa, this program is for the whole world. This invitation to the program is made for the whole world and am assuring that, as a matter of fact, some people are showing the signs of coming from many pact of the word

So it’s not only for the chosen but for everybody because the problem many people are going through is not only for the Chosen, but also for Nigeria, Africa, Europe, Asia, the whole world, so the program is for the whole world.

QESTIION: Sir, I want to ask, you said this program that has been happening in the past two years for winning of souls, deliverances and miracles. Please tell me the encounter you had, your beautiful outing you had in Kano State. I also want to know if your evangelism towards the North is going to stop the things we hear over there.

ANSWER: The Evangelism that God has given to us to Evangelize the world is not just to Nigeria, or the North, it has taken us to all the continents of the whole world. We have been in America, Canada, Australia, all most the whole world; so it is going to take us round the whole Northern State of Nigeria and I want to point this out; the commandment is of God through our Lord Jesus Christ, is not by man, He said ‘Go Ye Unto The World, and Preach the gospel to every creature’ and he told me about 2012 that I should go to the North and preach to them and l believed that my going to the North is not limited to Abuja, Benue, Kwara and Kano State or Kaduna because we have been to all these places but to other states of the North.

QUESTION: Sir, your Kano crusade up till today is bringing a lot of reactions positively because people have been calling, reacting and saying how did you break-in into such place, that no church has been able to go and succeed and they were saying one thing or the other that it’s commendable, so in that case, would you tell us what made you to choose Kano? The first northern state to visit? Did you have any pairing with anybody there?

ANSWER: In the first place, other people had been succeeding, we are not the first to do it, other churches have been going there and I believe they had a great tour. They had their testimonies, they had their great revival, so our own is also among it. We had gone not just to Kano; we had been to Kano by the leading of God. If you were in Kwara, I would say that you would hear that we are going top Kano state, so it is by the leading of God. So wherever he had asked us to go, we would go to that place no matter whether it is in Sambisa forest, if we were told, we will go there tomorrow because he is God and not man. So by the special grace of God, God who asked us to go, he would also give us victory and touch the lives of people to be saved and liberate them from their problems.

So, it is a good thing we went there, we saw that the governor of the state was very happy and the way he asked. May be we can come again because his expression suggests that. It was a wonderful thing in the city of Kano and I give God the glory and up till today, am still hearing the testimonies overt what God did in Kano.

QUESTION: Sir, I work in the media, let me thank God for the Lord’s chosen University because the reports I had been getting from our colleagues is a wonderful thing, we thank the Lord, so congratulations.

ANSWER: Thank you

QUESTION: This program we are having, does it have any link towards the development of that building.

ANSWER: The answer is No

QUESTION: So in what way can we use the outcome of this program to develop the building?

ANSWER: University is a ministry in a ministry. It is education and we would like to give it attention as it   requires, so as a church we are going to have people who are going to handle University affairs, it has no collision with what we are doing here.

QUESTION: Sir, this program comes every two years, is there any aspect of this program that you are not satisfied with the outcome?

ANSWER: No, I am always satisfied with the result because what God doeth shall be perfect. God is a good God and he is not limited. Whenever we have the program it is always filled with testimonies and great wonders of God, so there is nothing that I have never been satisfied. I always know that God is involved.

QUESTION: Sir, you said this program is always different from the others, is there a target in this program?

ANSWER: Yes, the target is to ensure that our enemies lose because the enemy we are talking about is the principalities and powers, Satan, demons and we address the enemy directly. So as we pray together as a matter of fact every prayer is centered on the enemy. So when you don’t deal with the enemies, the devil and demons. Every other program comes in

QUESTION: Pastor, I want you to emphasize more on this ‘…And the Enemies Submitted’. Because, if you look at what is happening in the country especially in the case of Christians being killed. And the Bible said “go ye into the world and preach the gospel”. Do we really need to fight this too?

ANSWER: Well, the point is that, what is happening in Nigeria is affecting everybody both the Christians and the non-Christians but then we are praying that God Almighty will take care of the problem in Nigeria and not just Nigeria, in the whole world because this is the End-Time. So the issue is, the prayer we are making here is affecting every area by the grace of God because what we see today, we might think that we  had seen the worst but what we are seeing today is that God is the one making them not to go to the extent they want to go through this kind of calling, with this kind of program we are having I’m telling you that we might pass those problems not just to Christians alone but the entire world.

QUESTION: Sir, unfortunately this once in two years event is taking place in the period when Nigerians are crying towards another year of election and like you said, a lot of things are highly recorded. So do you really see it as having positive impacts towards the elections particularly on those politicians and Christians?

ANSWER: Thank you so much. The way I look at the program God knows why he allowed it to be now. We don’t know that at this point in time that this program will be during the period of the election. So God ways are not the ways of man, he has something in mind to do. We believe that as we pray, God Almighty will address the problems in the upcoming elections. So that, as a matter of fact it’s going to affect every area not just the nation but I know that God has something to do, to allow the program be between elections.

QUESTION: So would you send a message to Nigerians sir?

ANSWER: My message to Nigerians and all over the world especially reading and hearing me from the internet; you tube, Twitter, whichever, is that they should understand that there is no more time. The coming of Christ is at hand, a lot of things are happening and they can bear witnesses, not only in Nigeria but all over the world. Lot of crises is happening here and there; pestilences and diseases, killings, wickedness increasing all over the world. They should understand that what matters now is not about making money, acquiring wealth, looking for position because there are many who had made money, wealth, position etc but are all gone and where did they go? If they fail to repent and give their lives to Jesus Christ and be born again they would perish forever. And so my advice to them is that they should seek the face of God, they should repent and turn away from their evil and give their lives to Jesus Christ and be born again and be ready to make heaven at last. Then I urge all the believers, children of God to pray because God depends on your prayers. All believers should pray for Nigeria. All believers should pray for the entire world and we should increase our efforts to ensure that these souls are saved and as we do, I’m assuring you that you’re doing a great work and which will be rewarded at the end of this life. So pass my message to them and at the same time, I want to invite all of them to come on the 16th and 17th because God is going to cause the enemies troubling them to submit.

Enemies that cause deafness and dumbness, blindness, barrenness, broken marriages, poverty, affliction, trouble here and there and killing. God is going to cause those enemies to submit and they shall be set free. Also, whoever that shall come to this program, I assure you that God will liberate him/her. He will deliver you and your enemies must surely submit and God will bless you; spiritually, physically, materially, financially, academically and otherwise. As you step into this program, your life can never be the same. So I invite you to come on the 16th and 17th. Remember, time: 8 o’clock in the morning. The first and second day and your problems will never escape this program as you come. God bless you.

QUESTION: Perhaps very wonderful, let me ask you this question, we have been hearing from many parts that there is no time; the End-Time is near, when is exactly this time? For more than 10, 20 years or so I’ve been hearing this and the men of God keep on telling us that the End-Time is near.

ANSWER: Well the point is that this is God’s program and because it is God’s program Jesus Christ said “No man knows the hour” and if Jesus says “only the father”. I cannot tell you the time but I’ll keep on telling you what Jesus said that there’s no more time and not only that, we can see lots of things in conformity to that promises of the End-Time. All those prophecies are happening now, things which weren’t happening before we can see them now; lots of disease, pestilence and earthquakes, so it is clear that we are in the End-Time, the End-Time is here. And for those who are thinking that the End-Time is not forthcoming, so many who were ready 10 years ago are no longer ready or alive today, the End-Time has come. I mean those who were telling us that or hearing from crusades pastors about the End-Time, most of them are gone. Multitudes of people who were not doing anything with it had gone and gone forever.

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