Once Lost But Found By The God Of Chosen

The God Of Chosen, the Revealer Of Secret brought to light the restricted hideout where our sister’s missing daughter was kept. Read what happened below:

My name is Sister Uchenna Obigwe. I worship at Maza-Maza; Jesus compound branch of The Lord’s Chosen Church, Lagos State, Nigeria.

I appreciate the God Of Chosen for honouring the declarations of my G.O upon my life and family. It happened that I came back from my place of business on Tuesday 7th December 2021 only for me to discover that my second daughter who was at home when I left was missing, her other siblings are in the higher institutions. Her elder sister who was at home when I returned reported that she hasn’t seen her after school hours, she(my missing daughter) was with her phone but it was switched off when tried to reach her.

On the Thursday of that week which was a counseling and deliverance service, my husband decided to come and sow a seed in the church. I gave my husband a certain amount of money to join to his own knowing fully well that the God Of Chosen will not fail us because we advertised this program titled “Only God Can Do This” in our flat and at the front of our house telling people that God Of Chosen answers prayer, during our morning cries too we talked about what God will be set to do in this convention. We prayed that the God Of Chosen should glorify His name, and not put us to shame or make people mock His name.

On the first combined service of this month( December) while our G.O was praying, he emphatically mentioned the case, he said, “you that girl missing for the past few days, now I reconnect you to your family”. I jumped and claimed the prayer.

Amazingly, the next week which was the following Tuesday after G.O’s declarations, my daughter called me with her phone that has been switched off all these while, I inquired to know where she was, but she replied stating that she doesn’t know, all she knew was that she was locked up in a room. Just then, I asked her to declare herself A Chosen thrice and ask the people who they are, according to our G.O’s instruction whenever we are faced with any form of danger.

Meanwhile, we have already reported the case at the police station. I ended the call and called the station. On contacting them, they said that the signal they got when they called my daughter was at Agbor, Delta state. That was how my lost child was found in Agbor, Delta state to the glory of God.

Just as my pastor said, “he will hear my testimony”. The angel of God went into action to confirm his words in my daughter’s life.
Today, I’m here to testify to the goodness of God and my testimony is being heard by my pastor


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