[PHOTO SPEAKS] On The Spot Mysteries Of God At The Climax Of “Hope For The Needy” 2021

Matthew 11:5 The blind receive their sight, and the lame walk, the lepers are cleansed, and the deaf hears, the dead are raised up, and the poor have the gospel preached to them.
The Great God Of Chosen has blissfully decorated the atmosphere of the crusade ground with mystic wonders that are medically unrealizable after the short declaration of healing and power from our Daddy in the Lord.
Below are His awesome deeds:
1. A man with, 7 years stroke healed.
2. A man, with 5 months of arthritis healed.
3. A woman, 25 years born deaf and dumb heard and spoke.
4. A woman, 5 years shifted bones healed.
5. A woman, 10 years of arthritis healed.
6. A man, 9 years of paralysis healed.
7. A woman, 2 weeks of paralysis healed.
8. A man, 1-month paralysis healed.
9. A man, 9 years leg injury healed.
10. A woman, with 6 years of arthritis healed.
11. A man, with 2 months of paralysis healed.
12. A woman, with 2 years of paralysis healed.
13. A man, with 12 years of partial stroke healed.
14. A woman, with 2 years of leg pain healed.
15. A woman, with 6 months of inability to walk healed.
16. A man, with 6 months of paralysis healed.
17. A man, with 2 years of paralysis healed.
18. A man, 4 months Inability to walk healed.
19. A man, 3 years dumb healed.
20. A man, with 3 years of blindness healed.
21. A woman, with 1-year leg pain healed.
22. A man, with 4 months paralysis healed.
23. A man, 2 weeks broken hands healed.
24. A man, with 4 months leg injury healed.
25. A man, 7 months hip dislocation healed.
26. A woman, 7 years short-sightedness healed.
27. A woman, 7 years moving object healed.
28. A man, 7 years of insanity healed.
We give all the Glory to God for fulfilling the Words of His messenger, Pastor Lazarus Muoka, and blessing the participants and the world at large through this great event.

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