[VIDEO/PHOTOS] Instant Touch Of God At The Grande Finale Of Power Belongs To God, Yes! – Asaba 2022

The declaration of healing and freedom from the mouth of the servant of God, Pastor Lazarus Muoka ignited the flow of God’s power which waxed into the congregation to call forth healing to medically written off situations and conditions of life. Below are unimaginable wonders of God:


1. A woman, with five months of kidney failure healed.
2. A boy, five years born dead and dumb healed.
3. A woman, 25 years born dead and dumb healed.
4. A man, seven years of blood cancer healed.
5. A woman, three years leg poison healed.
6. A woman, with four months of paralysis healed.
7. A girl, 14 years born dead and dumb healed.
8. A man, with four years of paralysis healed.
9. A woman, seven months poison healed.
10. A woman, with four years of weakness and dizziness healed.
11. A man, with four years of stroke healed.
12. A man, with four years of stroke healed.
13. A woman, six months hips dislocation healed.
14. A man, Three months poison healed.
15. A man, with 11 years of rheumatic pain healed.
16. A woman, with 16 years of leg arthritis healed.
17. A man, two years stroke healed.
18. A woman, with two years of kidney failure healed.
19. A man with, one-year of epilepsy healed.
20. A woman, with 12 years of waist pain and partial blindness healed.
21. A woman, three months Brest lumps healed.
22. A man, 15 years leg poison healed.
23. A man, one year and 1-month of leg poison, three years of glaucoma, and cataract healed.
24. Three women were successfully put to bed at the crusade ground.
25. A woman, five years broken bone joined together healed.
26. A man, four months broken bone joined together.
27. A man, with one year stroke healed.
28. A woman, two years stroke healed.
29. A man, with seven years of partial stroke healed.
30. A man, with 10 months of hip dislocation healed.
31. A man, with 19 years partial stroke healed.
32. A woman, three years of body pain and inability to walk healed.
33. A woman, with five years of leg pain and leg poison healed.
34. A woman, with two years of leg pain and waist pain healed.
35. A man, with five years of paralysis healed.
36. A woman, two years leg poison healed.
37. A woman, a year and three months stroke healed.
38. A man with, one-month of severe chest pain healed.
39. A woman, with six years of severe stomach pain healed.
40. A woman, one year broken bone joined together.
41. A woman, 18 years born dead and dumb healed.
42. A man, 23 years born deaf and dumb healed.
43. A woman, five years and 10 months stroke healed.
44. A woman, three years broken bones joined together.
45. A man, two years leg ulcer healed.
46. A woman, with 11 years of broken bones joined together.
47. A man, seven months inability to walk healed.
48. A woman, 22 years of violent madness healed.
49. A woman, 19 years born dead and dumb healed.
50. A woman, with 13 years of asthmatic cough healed.
51. A woman, with five years of partial blindness healed.
52. A woman, 14 years eat blockage healed.
53. A boy, a one-year nail injury in the left eye healed.
54. A woman, 19 years born dead and dumb healed.
55. A woman, four years leg poison healed.
56. A woman, Two years breast cancer healed.
57. A woman, with a one-year heart problem healed.
58. A man, 35 years born dead and dumb healed.

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