How The Omnipotent God Made A Gunshot Impotent

The angel of the Lord encamps around those who fear Him,
And rescues them. (Psalm 34:7)

My name is Brother Lucky Onokpite, I am from Bayelsa State, and I joined The Lord’s Chosen Church in 2011. My testimony goes thus:

On the last day of December 2021, after the business of the day, I gave a certain amount to my manager at work to disburse to the workers. A former staff of mine approached me and said that I haven’t paid him. I told him who to meet the manager in order to collect his share of money, but the boy became angry and started arguing with me; I asked him how much he was to collect, he said it was ₦1000, and I told him to meet with the manager so he can pay him.

Before I could know it, the boy brought out a gun and told me that he is from Green Land, and I responded, ‘I am a Chosen’. Repeatedly, he asked me for the money, and I still insisted that he should meet with the captain to collect it. There and then, he stretched a gun at me, I declared, ‘I am a Chosen'(×3), and asked the armed robber, ‘who are you?’. At the process of making this declaration, he shot at me, but the gun did not respond. On seeing that his ammunition failed him, he cracked the gun, looked at it and comfirmed there were bullets inside it, he then shot at me again. For the second time, I declared my identity(A Chosen), he then started shooting randomly without stopping. Immediately, people around noticed what was happening and grabbed him.

If not for this Great God Of Chosen who through our G.O assured us that ‘No Chosen will die a day before their time,’ I would have been a dead person. People have been testifying about gunshots and armed robbery attacks but I haven’t experienced it. That day, God turned that gun into a toy; the boy shivered in amazement, I also told him to shoot that his gun would disappoint him.

I want to thank God for preserving my life; Hallelujah! I am alive. I pray for my Daddy in the Lord and all the Chosen members worldwide: heaven at last in Jesus’ name.



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