How The Impossibility Specialist Healed My Household Of Covid-19 Virus And Broke A Generational Curse Of Barrenness

Jonah 2: 9- “I will never worship anyone but you! How can I thank you enough for all you have done? I will surely fulfill my promises. For my deliverance comes from the Lord alone.

My name is Brother Ifenna Obelo, I joined The Lord’s Chosen Church in the year 2009.

In 2011, God gave me a double scholarship to move from Nigeria to Norway to study Subsea Engineering and by the grace of God, I graduated with a First class.
Furthermore, God gave me a job in an oil company in Norway and I worked there for three years.

After three years of working in the oil company, God granted me a green card to move from Norway to Denmark. Hallelujah!

My main testimonies are:

On 5th January 2022, I was to travel by air to this program(Mgbidi Lagos Experience)from Denmark, I went to the airport to board a flight, I was told that my covid pass was invalid and Nigeria has changed their pass from 72 hours to 48 hours validity which means, my pass has expired and my flight time is left with 3 hours or I have to re-book my flight.

Afterward, I was told to go and do an Emergency PCR (polymerase chain reaction) test, I went to carry out the test, lo and behold, the result came out positive (+), which means I have to isolate for two weeks and I can’t be at the Mgbidi program, I disbelieved the report and texted our Daddy G.O who prayed for me and my household, after his prayers, this God who has no challenger proved them wrong.

The next day being 6th, I went to book another flight, that was the day the program commenced, as soon as I got to the house, I drove my wife and children to run another test in three different test centers. The tests were conducted on all of us, and in less than 8 hours all the results came out and indicated negative that same day being 5th of January, that was how God amazingly healed us.

Secondly, God healed my mother of Covid -19 ailment. She was almost confirmed dead after all the best input of the doctors to save her life, we kept praying and I sent a text message to Daddy G.O of which I know he prayed.

A few minutes later, this Great God Of Chosen brought her back to life. Today she’s alive, strong, and sturdy.

Thirdly, God broke the yoke of childlessness in my family. I came from a family where the cry of a child has not been heard since everyone has gotten married. My uncle wedded when I was 2 to 3 years old and since that time, he had no child. I have been inviting him and his wife to The Lord’s Chosen Church, but they haven’t heeded the invite. I pray that one day God will touch their minds to come.

In my case, I got married and the God Of Chosen blessed me with a wonderful girl child in 2016.

In 2018, it was as if what happened to them wanted to happen to me. My wife has to come from Denmark in that year for the program titled “That Yoke Must Break”. She attended another program titled, “Hope For The Needy”, that was where God came to her in the dream with the face of our Pastor and told her that she is pregnant which was unknown to her. Later on, She went for a test and was confirmed positive.

Today, to the glory of the God Of Chosen who broke the generational curse of barrenness and granted us a bouncing boy, I say let His name be highly exalted in Jesus’ name.

Before now, the enemy came and told my wife in a dream that we will have 20 years of barrenness, as she woke up and told me this, I became uncomfortable and perplexed, but this faithful God intervened and canceled the statement of the enemy by giving us a son called Joshua.

Brethren, put all your trust in God no matter what the problem may be, The God Of Chosen will roll them away.

To my G.O and all Chosen members worldwide, I pray, heaven at Last in Jesus’ name, Amen

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