How The God Of Chosen Delivered Me From The Den Of Ritualists

Isaiah 49:24-26: Shall the prey be taken from the mighty, Or the captives of the righteous be delivered?
But thus says the Lord:
“Even the captives of the mighty shall be taken away,
And the prey of the terrible be delivered;
For I will contend with him who contends with you,
And I will save your children.
The above scripture replayed itself in the life of our sister and below is her testimony:
My name is Sister Sylvia Ugwu from Kaduna State, Nigeria.
I joined The Lord’s Chosen Church in the year 2007.
During the Mgbidi program titled, “Whom The King Delight To Honour”, our Daddy in the Lord made a declaration saying that as many who came for the program will get to their destinations safely.
while I was returning to my location, I boarded a vehicle that took me to Entraco garage where I would take a bus going to Enugu state.
On getting to the park, I missed the last bus, which made me unhappy and confused. Prior to now, I’ve booked a bus.
Afterward, I saw a driver who identified himself as an army officer going to Galeria in Kaduna state. The bus loaders of the Kaduna state transport collected my money from the Entraco going to Enugu and put me into the bus heading to Kaduna state.
After loading the vehicle, we left the park, and I decided to pray. I said, “Praise The Lord”, nobody replied, I continued with “In Jesus’ Name We Pray”, everyone kept mute. At that point, I turned back, looked at the people who were sitting at the back seat, and discovered that they were all gazing at me. I had no option other than to commence with the prayer.
While I was praying, I heard a very loud voice as if someone was standing by the window side. The person ordered me to open my eyes, but I paid no attention to that command, He repeated the statement in a very high tone.
As I opened my eyes, behold the driver was with an open leather. I do hear of ritualists but I don’t know anything about them. On sighting him, I don’t understand what he was doing, so I felt it was a distraction. I closed my eyes and rebuked the spirit of distraction calling on the God of my pastor. Suddenly, I heard the same voice again saying I should open my eyes, I looked at him again, lo! He has opened another leather which was inside the first one he previously opened. He brought out a white substance, but I recalled the statement of my pastor: no power can stop you. It instigated my confidence in God knowing that God will not disappoint His own.
The voice continuously spoke to me, but I couldn’t see anyone at the window. Later on, I shouted back at the unseen being and said, ‘what are you doing here. Notwithstanding, I held on the fact that as a Chosen, nothing can stop my journey.
Again, I closed my eyes to pray and the voice insisted that I must go out of the bus’. In amazement, I replied, ‘how can I get out of here when the driver is on high speed and has passed some possible bus stops where I can alight”. Suddenly, before us was a soldier armed with a gun standing on the roadside, the voice spoke again insisting that I get out of the bus. At that point, I was restless, it dawned on me that I was in danger and I declared, ‘where is the God of my pastor, how can I be afraid? The driver slowed down, I was thinking about how to talk to the soldier but the driver quickly zoomed off.
On the other hand, the voice persisted that I get out of that vehicle. Before I could know it, my voice sounded like that of a man, I ordered the driver to stop and told him that I want to urinate, he stopped the bus and said I should make it snappy, I alighted the bus and went into a nearby bush thinking to escape, there and then, I saw a huge man, pleaded with him to hear me out and explained my experience in the bus as we took off from the park. The man made me know that I have entered the bus of ritualists and the items they have with them consist of hard drugs which can cause someone to sleep. He instructed me to go back to the vehicle and demand my bag while he goes there with me to stand in as my brother. I returned to the bus and did as he directed me to do.
Furthermore, I asked the driver to refund my money to me according to the instructions of the huge man, the driver began to tremble and gave me some amount of money. According to the man I met in the bush, he said I shouldn’t negotiate with them on anything but command them to do whatever I wish. That was how my chattels were given to me, the bus left and the man with me carried my traveling bag, and took me back to the previous checkpoints where there was a soldier. He narrated my story to the army officers there and told them to accommodate me for the night, that I’ll leave to my destination the next day. He instructed them to take me to where I would get a bus going to my destination and also mentioned the name of where I was visiting them. On hearing that, I was shocked and knew the man wasn’t ordinary. As our conversation lingered, I found out that the tall man was nowhere to be found.
A few minutes later, my husband called me and said it was laid in his heart to pray for me, as he ended the call, one of the soldiers asked me my whereabouts, while I explained and they told me that the incident that took place is beyond their imagination.
Nevertheless, they followed the instruction of the angel, and the next morning, they took me to where I boarded another bus that took me home.

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