How Staphylococcus And Low Sperm Count Were Replaced With Healthy And Strong Two Bouncing Baby Boys

Psalm 34:19 Many are the afflictions of the righteous: but the LORD delivereth him out of them all.
In quest of a solution, the couple visited different hospitals, and read what happened upon their arrival at the Lord’s Chosen Church.
Our names are Brother Lucky Ugwu, and Sister Ugwu, and the names of our twin babies are Brother Isaac and Samuel Ugwu. We thank God for making us a Chosen family, By the grace of God, we wedded in this church on the 15th of December 2018.
Before our wedding, we were meant to undergo a test which we didn’t do. After the wedding, we went to the Chosen Hospital and conducted that test, the result showed that I had staphylococcus, I handed over the case to God, believing Him for healing and the fruit of the womb.
In October, the G.O announced the commencement of a programme themed “And The Enemies Submitted.”
Before the program, I went back to the hospital to undergo another test so as to ascertain my prayer point for the program. After the test, the result showed that I had another ailment called Low Sperm Count. During the program, I presented the case to God believing that all my enemies must submit, after the program, my wife took in. She went for a scan and after the test, the doctor indicated something that was not clear and asked her to return for another scan in two weeks.
Two weeks later, my wife went back to the clinic and was confirmed pregnant with a twin. I was so excited to see her undergo the pregnancy process.
Nine months later, to the glory of God, my wife gave birth to twins (bouncing baby boys)like the Hebrew women.
I made a pledge to God: if I was serving him 100%, I will increase it to a million percent.
Nine days after their birth, my wife informed me that the babies were breathing too fast, we took them to the hospital, called, and explained the situation to the doctor. The babies were carried to the theatre, and not long after, we were referred to a hospital called “Mother and Child”.
Getting to the referred hospital, the doctor was mad at us and enquired to know why we didn’t bring the babies on time, stating that they have almost gone. In return, I made the doctor know that they are Chosen and nothing would happen to them. Thereafter, we spent a lot of money and were referred to Lagos University Teaching Hospital (L.U.T.H), on the note that our babies can not survive without oxygen.
In that situation, I called a pastor who instructed me to come to the church. The day we arrived the church premises happened to be on a Wednesday and the G.O was not around so; I placed the babies in front of the altar, alongside a thousand Naira. I reminded God of the words of His servant thus, “What God Cannot Do Does Not Exist”, telling him that this problem is existing for Him to prove His power. We left that day to return on Thursday which was a service day, at the moment our G.O mounted the podium, he made short prayers, there and then, the breathing complications ceased, and all the reports of the doctors were made void as the report of God supersedes theirs.
Glory be to God!

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