How I Was Miraculously Saved By God From The Armed Robbers’ Dungeon

Psalm 50:15 – “Call upon Me in the day of trouble; I will deliver you, and you shall glorify Me.”

Indeed, God is our present help in the time of trouble. He has proved to our sister that He is a great deliverer. Below is her testimony.

My name is Sis Samson Nwachukwu Nneka. I want to thank God for delivering me from an armed robbery attack that almost claimed my life.

I was in transit going to East, suddenly our bus broke down and the driver was running helter-skelter to fix the car because the car spoilt at a dangerous zone. The driver was applying all his mechanical skills to get us out from there all to no avail, my co-passengers were scared of the new development because I was wearing my apron. They started pressuring me to pray. They were shouting “Chosen pray!”

Not quite long, the unexpected happened. We heard gunshots in our direction and the sound was baffling, I sighted four men coming towards our bus. One of them was coming in my direction. When he was approaching, I carried my bible and began to declare “I am a Chosen” 3 times, and as I was making the declaration, he kept coming closer then I added more fire to it. I started declaring “The God of my pastor, where are you? the hour has come, and the armed robber approached me and stood still. He was staring at me like a confused man because he was transfixed, I was looking at him as well. He stood there like someone that was electrocuted till his fellow called him back for them to go and they left. I was really speechless because I saw the raw power of God in another dimension.

I thank God for this great deliverance He granted to me, I return all the glory to him forever Jesus’ name, Amen.

Chosen praise the Lord!

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