How God Healed Me Instantly Of 7 Years Leg Ulcer

Sister Nnalue Ogechukwu
She is appreciating God for His wonders and miracles in her life. Her testimony goes thus:
In 2014, after her OND degree, her ankle became painful and swelled up. On the other hand, her parents thought it was just a mere wound, but with time, the ailment became worse.
In 2015, she was taken to the LUTH where series of X-rays were conducted on her, finally, the result had it that her leg would be amputated, her father refused and took her home while they managed the ailment. At this point, the sore in the leg became widened and deepened.
Early this year, on a faithful Thursday, she came to church, and during our General Pastor’s prayer, through the word of knowledge, he commanded the wound in her right leg ankle to dry. A few days later, the sore dried up, that was how 7 years leg ulcer was rolled away to the glory of God.

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