How God Gave Me Miracle Children And Granted Me Triple Promotions In The Space Of 9 Years

Sister Calista Ada
I thank God for granting me genuine salvation and making my family a chosen family. I want to appreciate this God that never fails for rolling away 7years of barrenness in my life.
It happened that I got married in 2010, at that time I wasn’t a Chosen member. In 2013, I located the Lord’s chosen church through the cable and visited the church. On hearing the undiluted word of God, I made up my mind to join them fully, knowing that continuation brings freedom.
One day, my elder sister called to suggest a place of prayer where she wants me to visit. In return, I replied,”if you don’t want me to die, leave me alone, hold your suggestion to yourself. I and my husband pray, also my G.O. and his pastors pray for us, God will answer us”. Furthermore, I made her to know that in my church, there is nothing too hard for God to do, stating that God will answer us at His own appointed time, so, she shouldn’t worry herself over my challenge.
In 2017, God remembered me, and just like a dream, I visited the hospital and was confirmed pregnant. All through the period of the pregnancy and child delivery, God stood by me, making everything easy like that of the Hebrew women.
Before I could know it, I gave birth to another child (a bouncing boy).
Secondly, at my place of work as military personnel, after I became a full staff, I was told that becoming promoted isn’t done easily: it takes one to be in the military for 8,9 to 10 years before thinking of moving higher in ranks.
As God may have it, after joining the moving train( The Lord’s Chosen church) in 2013, I became faithful in paying tithes, seed sowing, making vows, and paying my first fruits, that same year, I was taken from the post of AFI to Assistant Superintendent Immigration officer, 3 years later, I was adjusted to the post of deputy superintendent of Immigration, and 3 years following, I was made to become the superintendent of immigration. All these promotions happened within 9 years after becoming a bonafide member of The Lord’s Chosen Church.
Glory be to God!

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