How God Gave Me A Powerful Job I Never Applied For – Adamawa 2022

Psalm 113:7 He raiseth up the poor out of the dust, and lifteth the needy out of the dunghill;

The Awesome God showed up in a mysterious way and put a new song into the mouth of our brother, read his testimony below:

My name is Brother Kennedy. I am an indigene of Adamawa, and I worship at the headquarters church in Adamawa State. I came to The Lord’s Chosen Church in 2010 for the first time through the invitation of a brother during the program titled, “Hope For the Needy” in Lagos State. At that time, I was working with Fidelity bank as a security guard in the Computer Village branch.

After the program, I carried on attending other fellowships of the church, in line with the word of our Daddy G.O: continuation brings freedom.

Six months later, I was employed at the teller point in the same bank and was posted to the Lagos Island branch. I began to battle with the transport from the Mainland to the Island; I couldn’t save anything, and I wanted to further my education, so I decided to seek for a transfer.

I requested for the transfer by mail, and to my greatest surprise, within seven days, I was permitted to return to Adamawa State. When I came back, I got an admission to a degree program, and with the help of God, I rounded it up in the year 2020/2021. Then, I have been disengaged from work at Fidelity bank.

On 6th August 2021, After two weeks of staying at home, a customer at the Fidelity bank in Adamawa State called me and said, “Kennedy, I visited the Fidelity bank in Lagos State, and was told you are no more working there”, I replied, “yes”; he asked if I have gotten another job since then, I said, “No”, just then, he told me to send my full name to him.

The following day, he called back and told me to meet him at the Central Bank Of Nigeria in Yola. When I arrived there, he told me about a contract which he has gotten: to maintain the facilities of the Bank. Furthermore, he said that he would like to work with me. That way, he took me to the service coordinator of Central Bank in Yola and introduced me as the new Manager. This is a job I didn’t apply for, and till today I haven’t submitted any certificate. Sometimes, I ask him, “sir, what of my credentials”? He would say, it doesn’t matter.

I want to link my testimony to the one given at our Church in Lagos State: a woman testified that she and her husband were working and suddenly they lost their jobs. They had to withdraw their children from school because they couldn’t pay the required fees. According to her, she didn’t apply for a job at the Central Bank but was employed as a management staff there. On hearing that testimony, I was amazed, and I said to myself, how can this be? Now it has happened to me; I was made a facility maintenance manager without an interview.
Hallelujah! My heart is filled with unspeakable joy, and I’m grateful to God.

I pray for my Pastor and all Chosen members worldwide: Heaven at last, in Jesus name, Amen.

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