How 6 Years And 7 Months Delay In Conception Was Frustrated

Sister Precious, Brother Erasmus Kelechukwu, and Baby Kamsiyochukwu.
We are here to thank God for breaking the yoke of 6 years and 7 months delay in conception.
It happened that I was opportune to meet my Daddy in the Lord(G.O) who prayed for us and said he will hear our testimony, also I had a dream where Pastor Joshua (my Daddy’s first son) told my husband that he was coming to visit us at home, on hearing the news,
I became perturbed seeing that we had nothing to offer him, on that note, I said to my husband: tell him not to come around because we don’t have what we would present to him as our guest. As if he (Pastor Joshua) perceived the information I relayed to my husband, he decided to pay us a surprise visit. In that dream as he entered our house, he gave me 5,000 Naira so I can get food items to prepare for him, but I told him that the money won’t be enough, stating that before I would be through with the preparation of the food my children will return, and I wouldn’t have something to give to them, my husband who was close to me said I should talk about their conception first, before stating they would return home, I ignored him while Pastor Joshua added 5,000 Naira to the previous money he gave to me, making it 10,000 Naira. He said I should go and prepare the food for him and my children because they’ll come. In return, I became happy and shouted ‘amen’, that was how I woke up from that dream.
Physically, beside me was my husband who was singing songs of praise to God. In amazement I asked to know the secret behind his mood, to my greatest surprised, he narrated my exact dream to me as what he dreamt, there and then, I began to imagine the mystery of the Wonder Working God, which made me burst into thanksgiving and praises to the Almighty God. After that, I told myself that there’s no need to bother myself over what God has perfectly worked out.
On the other hand, my husband said I should start learning how to testify before the congregation, that was how I started practicing how to give my testimony anytime I’m alone at home. Days later, I had a toothache and developed other sicknesses. I was placed on medications, taking antibiotics and malaria drugs, later on, I decided to visit the hospital where I was tested and told that I was 6 weeks pregnant. In disagreement, I demanded a rescan, which they did, when the same result came out it dawned on me that I was truly pregnant.
Months later, God granted me my heart desire: a bouncing baby boy. As soon as I gave birth to him, I asked the doctor to check if he was affected by the antibiotics I took when I didn’t know I’ve taken in, which might have destroyed the whole or part of his body, they brought him to me and I beheld my bubbling handsome bouncing baby boy who is without scratch or injury.
Chosen praise Lord!!!!
What a Mighty God we serve!

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