HIV Positive Sent Packing, Cancelled Marriage Reinstated, And Financial Favour Granted By God

What God cannot do does not exist! He has frustrated the token of the lair (devil) and given victory to our brother. Read his testimony below:

My name is Brother Chukwuma Edeh.
I was formerly a member of the Assemblies Of God Church, when I wanted to get married, we were mandated to undergo a series of tests and were taken to the laboratory to carry out the tests.

Two days later, I was called by the marriage committee to visit the church Headquarters at No. 20 Ezza road, Ebonyi State. When I got there, I received a piece of shocking news: the findings from the test result carried out had it that I was HIV positive.

They suggested that I return to my district – Umuakara to see my pastor, I obeyed, and on getting there, The man of God blatantly told me that the wedding cannot hold, Surprisingly, I requested that he repeat the statement, and he said it again emphatically. I went home devastated and unable to eat for two days.

Days later, I recalled a brother of mine, who attends The Lord’s Chosen Church in Lagos state, he occasionally returns home to tell us great and mighty deeds of God in the church. Immediately, I called and told him the latest with regards to my health and marriage matter. Just then, he instructed me to go to the Lord’s Chosen Church. Without much hesitation, I agreed to be there. Before then, I was a traditionalist to the core, well known in my local government and community.

I became a bona fide member of The Lord’s Chosen Church in 2008, and in 2009, I was opportune to be at Mgbidi where I saw our G.O physically. On the last day, In the course of his ministration, he declared freedom to any HIV patient in that convention, in return I said, “amen” to his declaration, again he spoke thus: that place you have gone to and was diagnosed HIV positive, return to that same place and redo the test, and it will become negative.

After the program, I returned to my state and went to redo the test, the result came out, lo and behold, it was negative! Amazingly, I decided to redo the test seven times. I constantly followed it up and discovered that I remained negative. Today, I am a married man with kids.

Secondly, I had a building project and was not financially buoyant to erect a magnificent building like that of the Chosen people(peculiar and exceptional). While I waited and trusted God to make a way for me, I was favoured with the sum of 1.8 million Naira. As I speak to you now, I have covered the roof of my building.

To God be the glory!


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