God Vindicated Me And Caused My Confiscated Huge Sum Of Money (26 Million Naira) To Be Refunded To Me

Psalm 116:12 What shall I render unto the LORD for all His benefits toward me? 13 I will take the cup of salvation, and call upon the name of the LORD. 14 I will pay my vows unto the LORD n in the presence of all his people.

The scripture above replayed itself in the life of our sister and showcased the faithfulness of God in her life and family which birthed the testimony below:

My name is Sister Naomi Onyemuwa.
I came from Germany, I’m here to thank God for granting me journey mercy to Nigeria yesterday 11th Feb, and also to appreciate Him for the genuine salvation He granted to me and my family members. Praise the Lord!

My testimony goes thus; On the 28th of May 2021, I bought a ticket, got to the airport, passed through the checking point, and as I was about to bypass the security
before I could board my flight, I don’t know what went wrong. Before I could know it, the guard handed me over to the German custom.

They took me to their inner room and began to search me; all my chattels were confiscated. At that point, I asked them why they collected my luggage from me, they replied, ‘everything would be okay.

They searched my bag and discovered a huge amount of money, which made them restrain me from traveling that day. They canceled my movement, collected my cash, tithes, offerings, everything that I had with me, and told me that they would revert in three days. Without argument and negotiations, I replied in affirmation. A few minutes later, I reached out to some of our brethren and narrated the immediate incident to them. Furthermore, I called our G.O, but he didn’t pick up my calls; I’ve didn’t remember that there was an ongoing women’s program

Three days after, the security men didn’t get back to me as promised, this made me so perplexed. I had no option but resorted to call most of our pastors to relate the update to them. One of the pastors asked if I have made any attempt to get the information across to our G.O, I told him what transpired when I called him, and he said I should not worry that in no sooner time, our Daddy in the Lord will speak to me.

Later on, our G.O called me, while I narrated the story to him, he reprimanded me and said that I would have declared my identity(A Chosen), nevertheless, he prayed and said, ‘I don’t know what they want from you, but all I know is that I give them three days to get back to you. I and my husband claimed that statement because we already know that it is settled. Before then, people around us who know about the case suggested we should forget about the money that it won’t be refunded, I replied to them, ‘my case is different because I am a Chosen. More so, they’ll hear my testimony’.

According to my G.O’s declaration, the third day which he uttered and commanded that everything be sorted out to our favor came, and we received an apology letter from the government which states, ‘we are very sorry for accusing you wrongly because we accused you based on wrong information about you. We sincerely apologize for your money, we thought the money was made from laundering, we never knew that it was not made in such a way. We sincerely apologize, kindly come and collect your money immediately’. After reading the letter, I was surprised and couldn’t believe it was real.

The next day, I traveled to another city to collect the money without observing the normal protocol, they tried to interrogate me to know why I didn’t follow the due process but I referred them to the instruction written in the paper, that was how they took me to their office, gave the money back to me the way they collected it from me without removing a dime. Hallelujah!

Everyone who heard this story, praises God in amazement, saying that He alone(God) can do this. We made a vow, sowed a seed, and also redeemed it. This money we are talking about is up to 26 Million Naira.
The God Of Chosen is so great!

What are your thoughts about the mysterious deeds of this Great God?
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God bless you.

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