God Delivered My Child From Terrible Affliction

Matthew 8:16 – When the evening came, they brought unto him many that were possessed with devils: and he cast out the spirits with his word, and healed all that were sick (KJV)

The above passage resonates with the testimony of our beloved sister, whom God delivered from pain.

My name is sister Oluchi Chinemerem. My husband, Bro, Simon Chinemerem, and my daughter Amarachi Light. We are here to appreciate the God of Chosen for his miraculous works in my family.

Last year June, my daughter started having convulsion attacks; she would constantly have seizures. The seizures were so severe that they affected her brain to the extent that she began to behave abnormal, and when I took her to the hospital for a brain scan. The result showed that her brain was weird, and due to this brain abnormality, she could not go to school anymore; it was not an easy one.

There was a day her pulse seized when she was convulsing, I rushed her to our branch church, and the branch pastor prayed for her; by then, she could no longer speak or hear; suddenly, she began to behave like an imbecile. She almost got paralyzed, but God took the glory.

Her father went to Taraba Crusade with her picture, and daddy G.O prayed; however, during the Akwa-Ibom Crusade, we had the opportunity to see Daddy G.O, and he laid his hand on her; immediately, the spirit of imbecility died and disappeared. After the crusade, she began to walk, and my husband kept reminding her that G.O had prayed for her and that she was whole. This child was conceived after our ‘From sorrow to Joy’ crusade years back.

Glory to God, for we did not crossover to 2022 with those afflictions. He rolled away tears and shame from my family.

Chosen, praise the Lord!

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