BIBLE TEXT: Esther 9: 22, John 16:20, Acts 26:17-18, Acts 8:5-8

Many people are into terrible sorrows, as a result of the activities of the wicked spirit, the Devil, demons, and his human agents that have subjected them to torment, afflictions, and uncountable problems, which have made them always live in terrible sorrow. To such people, it has been from sorrow to sorrow, for years, or from birth because of what the enemies have done to them or their families. While others are busy testifying, some are always sorrowing from one problem to the other.

Revelation 21:4, Once, you come to God and give your life to Jesus Christ, and become a member of the kingdom of God, you shall be free.


  1. The Causes Of Sorrows.
  2. Our Response And The Remedy.


Remember, there is no sorrow without a cause and sorrow weakens people. It makes one be aging very fast. It makes one have sleepless nights and every kind of evil, complete nervous breakdown, you won’t gather strength to move or do what you want to do. Sorrow brings discouragement in life. It makes people lose boldness, gives up life, and want to die, because of sorrow.

Somebody in time passed, in the Bible, a very strong man of God, because of sorrow decided to die, because of what he was going through. Everybody knows about him because of his exploit, 1 Kings 19:1-4. Jezebel was after him, at a point in time he was full of sorrow and he decided to die. That was exactly what happened to Elijah the Prophet, so it makes people ask where is your God when you are going through sorrows and you are a child of God, you are a human being, and they are mocking you. Those that know you are a child of God will be asking you where is your God because sorrow is always in your facial expression, Psalm 42:3;10.

They ask you: if you are serving God where is the evidence?
We should know that the Devil is the chief cause of sorrow. Everything about the Devil ends up in sorrow, John 10:10a. The Devil’s activities are to steal, kill and destroy. If you are not born again, the Devil will be carrying these activities in your life, without restrictions. If you are born again, and you are giving the devil chance by compromise, or unrighteousness, he will have his ways and bring sorrow, destruction, and death. If you give him chance all your activities will end up in sorrow.

Ephesians 4:27. Every believer should take heed to this warning. Once you give him chance, he will fight you and bring every kind of thing that causes sorrow in your life.
So, mind the kind of life you are living. Everybody may be involved in evil, but it is not for you, because you know the result of that evil. Now that you have this knowledge don’t give him chance. Once the door is open for him due to careless life, he will enter and he will touch you and everything you have, 1st John 5:18. If you are a real believer, you will keep yourself from unrighteousness, evil, and sin of any kind.

Some people when they go into fraud, stealing lying, fighting, quarreling, feel comfortable, not knowing that they have opened door to the wicked one, they will go into prostitution, adultery, fornications, and will open door to the devil who will touch and make them sorrowful, at that point, they’ll want to give up life. We must keep ourselves from sin and evil, so the wicked ones will never touch us or get access into our lives. Although he will try to knock to enter, we must restrict him, he comes in many ways to tempt you to make you do evil, don’t give him chance, because if you do, sorrow will set in, James 4:7. When there is temptation or trials, go before the Lord in prayers, depend on Him, rely on Him, and you will have the grace to resist the devil. The devil is the cause of poverty, delay, and stagnancy in life.

Remember, those before us who had these problems, because they gave the devil chance by living in sin: Judges 6:1-6, when the children of Israel turned into sin, God turned away His eyes, and they were captured and tormented for seven years until they cried to the Lord, Exodus, 3:7, Psalm 32:10.



Whoever wants to be free from sorrow must guard against carelessness, or the carefree Christian life because when you are careless or when you are living a carefree Christian life, you open the door for the enemies, the one that causes sorrow, the devil to come and wreck your life, to bring sorrow and make you be discouraged. We must guard against carelessness and carefree Christian life.

Remember Esau, he was a careless person, the first son of Isaac, but because he was careless, he doesn’t know the value of his birthright, as a result, he sold it for a plate of food, and that cost him a lot. That is why the lineage is: Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, Hebrew 12:16-17. We must not allow sin, no matter how sweet, attractive, no matter how the devil magnifies it, or even unbelievers.

Remember, 1st John 5:18, we should know that whoever is born of God, sin not.

Don’t go into the careless Christian life, be serious with your salvation and if you are not saved, do something quickly before it is too late; you need to repent and renounce the devil, and surrender your life to Jesus Christ and receive the grace of righteousness.

We have been told, neither give place to the devil, Ephesians 4;27, why? John 10:10a, all his activities are evil and he’ll throw you into sorrow. We must serve God with all our hearts, all seriousness, and with all our being. If you do so, you will keep away from evil and maintain righteousness on every side, and you will not allow anything that causes sorrow, Jeremiah 29:11;13. If you want God, you want to find Him, you want God present in your life, you want Him to unfold His plans, to bless you, You must search Him with all seriousness.
Remember, He told the Israelites that he has heard their cries, He knows their sorrow, and He has come to deliver them.

1 Peter 5:8, the devil is looking for whom to swallow, so, don’t give him chance.

The Remedy.

  1. Amend our ways.
  2. Seek and find God, with all your hearts, Jeremiah 29:11-13.
  3. Be truly born again, Matthew 6:33.
  4. Live the lifestyle of the kingdom, righteous life.
  5. Search your life, make sure nothing is standing between you and God, and if there is any, make amendments, repents, cry for mercy. The Lord will show you mercy, and don’t ever go back to it.

You must not allow the adversary, the enemies, to lure you into mistake or compromise, or compromise our Christian life that will give him room to carry out his evil works that bring sorrow into your lives, John 10:10a, Ephesians 4:27.

Psalm 50:15, if the devil has brought evil into your life, there is still a way out, so long the rapture has not taken place does not give you the room to continue to do evil. Exodus 3:7-8.

Amend your ways as you have seen the effect and causes of sin. Matthew 15:13, Psalm 34:6, John 10:10, Jesus Christ has come to destroy the works of the devil. The Bible gave us an insight into what God can do, that is why we say, “What God cannot do, does not exist” Revelation 5:1-5, Matthew 11:1-4.

Never lose sight of what the Lord Jesus can do, the Lion of the Tribe of Judah has prevailed. Matthew 11:5-6.
1 John 3:8, Matthew 4:23-24, Philippians 4:19, Job 41:22.

Everyone’s sorrow must turn to Joy in Jesus’ name.

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