Favoured With Job, Property And Financial Favour Worth Millions After Sowing Seed

Sis. Chioma Obi
In 2017, I was unable to secure a job after my Ph.D. I cried to God because it was a burden to me. Then I came to church and I made a vow that I would give God my first six months salaries. After two weeks, my professor called me and ask me to submit my application to an institution as a lecturer and after the interview, they said they would get back to me.
A woman appeared to me in the dream and said I will never get a job no matter what I do. After that, I had another dream and saw armed robbers shooting. I said the ‘I am a chosen’ declarations and slept off. Then someone tapped me and I saw two very big and tall armed soldiers. They said I should collect the weapons of the enemies against me. I did and woke up. The next day, I was called to come and receive my appointment letter. I also became angry in the spirit when a voice came and was disturbing me not to redeem my vows. I told the voice to stop and that if they continue, I will increase it to one year.
I dreamt and saw the G.O. come to pray for me and after that encounter, God favoured us with a house in Lekki, Lagos worth 20 Million Naira without paying a dime, and ever since then, it has been from one testimony to another.

Also, the Sunday before the ‘Enemies Submitted’ crusade, Daddy G.O lectured us in the act of giving, about how he was giving to the church during the lockdown period. This had an effect on me and so I transferred the last 5,000 Naira with me to the church’s account and on the last day of the crusade, G.O made a declaration about financial abundance for somebody. I fell under the anointing when I heard that. Then God did it. He favoured us with a sum of Two million and fifty thousand Naira (₦2,0050,000), all to the glory of God.

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