The program “God Has Sworn To Bless You” has been done and dusted, but the echoes of the mysterious deeds of God have come to stay. It recorded many participants who came from far and near to Kennedy field, along Refinery road opposite Naval base, Effurun, Warri, Delta State, Nigeria, to witness the move of God. The grand arrival of the man of God, our Daddy in the Lord, Pastor Lazarus Muoka, to the ground of reformation(crusade ground) called down the irresistible presence and power of God which abode steadfastly to worth signs and wonders everywhere.
It was an event where shattered lives experienced resolutions, reconciliation, and regeneration as our G.O heart-brokenly pleaded for mercy on behalf of the whole world. Heavy yokes of the devil were intensely and massively broken, which brought about great deliverance to those captivated by the wicked one. Spirit-filled lives received more revival, grace, fire, auction, gifts, and fruits of the spirit to do the things of God in dedication and consecration. Spiritually and physically, the poor in spirit received an unexpected paradigm shift. The oppressed maimed and disabled gained definite deliverance, freedom, and healing: 25, 30, 32, 35, and 40 years of deaf and dumb heard and spoke, and 40 years of chronic rheumatism and other medically defied sicknesses and diseases were rolled away.
The statement of our G.O, “life is not by struggle but by the grace of God,” replicated in the life of a brother who testified of how God mightily blessed him with duplexes and various houses in Warri, then gave him an appointment to become the SSA( Senior Special Assistant) to the Deputy Senate President without an interview.
Another case was that of a brother who was asked to deposit 11 Million Naira for a kidney affliction, which has tormented him for a while(his body swelled up). He neglected the doctor’s report and held on to the God Of Chosen. One day, as he listened to the prayers of the servant of God on the cable, where he ordered two brand new kidneys from above, our brother claimed it; in a trance, he saw a man that came to confirm if the new kidneys were placed appropriately, that was how God canceled the vast amount of money meant for his treatment by making him whole, strong and sturdy the next day.
A remarkable one that shook the congregants and left them trembling in exciting songs and shouts of melody before the Almighty God was that of a lady who is 32 years old but has been bound by the spirit of deafness and dumbness for 25 years as a result of a severe illness that she had at age 7. Right there at the crusade ground, after the declaration of healing and freedom by our Daddy in the Lord, the power of God struck her, and she came out to dance, sing and shout “praise the Lord” to the congregation. What a Mighty God we serve!
During the message session, our G.O took us through a series of ministrations titled “God Has Sworn To Bless You”(part 1&2), where he unleashed the mind of God to us, stating that the blessings of God will become ours only if we obey the word of God and walk in the right path of righteousness and holiness, whatever benefits He has blessed Abraham with shall come to us because He has taken that oath to bless us and His blessings shall never elude us.
He prayed and authoritatively commanded the all-around blessings of God to come upon and overtake us. He decreed immeasurable favors and protections on the indigenes of Warri and extended the supplication to the magnificent new house of God built in that axis, declaring that whoever steps into it, whether the pastor is there or not, must receive answers, salvation, sanctification, deliverance, blessings, and shall not miss Heaven at last. Glory!
The program ended in joy, gladness, and happiness as everyone went home, rejoicing.
To the Unimaginable God, the God Of Abraham Isaac And Jacob, the God Of Chosen, we the members of Chosen Revival News(CRN) say, you alone are worthy of all our praises now and forever. Amen.

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