Brief Narration Of How One Year Madness Was Instantly Rolled Away At 2022 December Retreat

Luke 1:37; For with God, all things are possible.

The Living God, who is ever ready to do what no man can do has crushed away insanity in the life of brother Joseph Okotie.

He was brought for the first time to the Lord’s Chosen Church by sister Chinaza Onyemeze. According to her, brother Joseph always roams around the streets of Lagos State.

While on her way to church for this program titled, “Only God Can Do This”, as she passed by the madman’s street(his place of abode), he signaled to sister Chinaza indicating his desire to follow her. The sister quickly approached his parents who gave her permission to take him along to the church.

They arrived at the venue of the program and when our General Overseer mounted the podium, he began to declare freedom to those that are insane and oppressed, just then, brother Joseph was struck by the power of God who can do all things, and immediately he became sane.

During the interview, he spoke and spelled his name correctly.
Glory to God!

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