An Interview With The Relative Of Two Brothers Who Were Born Deaf And Dumb But Were Instantly Healed By The God Of Chosen

Isaiah 10:27; And it shall come to pass in that day, that his burden shall be taken away from off thy shoulder, and his yoke from off thy neck, and the yoke shall be destroyed because of the anointing.
What a Mighty God we serve! He has broken the severe yoke of shame in the life of this family below:
CRN: May we know you?
Woman: My name is Sister Owojori from Owo in Ondo State.
CRN: Who are you to these boys?
Woman: I am their aunt, that is, the elder sister to the boys’ mum.
CRN: While testifying you remarked that the boys were once deaf and dumb, can you tell us what happened to them?
Woman: Yes. My sister has three kids: 2 boys and a girl. All of them were born deaf and dumb. At a point, she became weak and demoralized as she tried all she could to ensure that they hear and speak but all was to no avail. This year, I had the leading to come to the Mgbidi 2022 Lagos Experience with them.
I came with the two boys David and Justice Ijanana who are 8 and 5 years old respectively.
Since the first day we came here, I have been praying and crying to God asking Him to heal them, but today being the grand finale, oh! This God is great! After the prayer and declaration of our G.O, the 2 boys touched me and said that they can hear. Just then, I began to talk to them while they responded, that was how I knew that they can actually hear and speak. I am so excited!
CRN: Wow! This is great! Praise the Lord!
Woman: Hallelujah!Thank you, Jesus!
CRN: Only God can do this! The Almighty God Of Chosen that did it in your life will also do it in the lives of many who are believing Him for this kind of miracle in Jesus name.
Woman: Amen.
CRN: We appreciate God for everything He has done for you and urge you to remain here (The Lord’s Chosen Church) and become serious in the things of God because this Great God has a lot of blessings and miracles which He is yet to unfold in your life.
Woman: Amen. I will do that.
CRN: God bless you.
Woman: God bless you too.

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