A Chosen Sister Vs A Wicked And Occult Landlord

Our sister Loveth, packed into a particular compound without knowing the landlord is an occultic man. Few months after she entered the house, landlord began to summon her for landlord and tenants meeting.

The landlord started telling other tenants that this chosen woman has been giving him trouble since she entered this compound, that he has a room full of juju in this compound which he inherited from his father and this woman has destroyed everything. That if there was anything like “ORIGINAL WITCH ” he would have said this woman has one, and that this woman’s witch is too strong for him and he doesn’t know where she got it from.

Also,  anytime he throws arrow to our sister,  the arrow returns back to him because of our sister’s prayers  and he doesn’t know what to do to this our sister. The demonic snake he inherited from his father, our sister drove it away with prayers.  Landlord then went further to disconnect our sister’s power supply and always come to interrupt her and her husband when they are praying at night to make sure they leave his house.

Fellow tenants started calling her witch because of what the landlord said.  Finally she packed out of the house and while she was enjoying her new place, some of her former tenants came to her that they have been looking for her for months, that the landlord confessed that he always collects the destiny of his tenants ,but he could not collect the sister’s own. Several times he had collected our sister’s destiny and that of her children, but she collected them back with prayers,   hence he tormented them.  He said they should go and look for the sister and beg her unless he will die.

They finally found our sister and begged her to come see the landlord ,but before she got there, the landlord has already died…  Nobody can battle with God of chosen.

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