8 Years Delay In Conception Battered By The God Of Chosen

Ecclesiastes 5:20; For he shall not much remember the days of his life; because God answereth him in the joy of his heart.

The Highest God Of Chosen showed up in their situation as they acknowledged him, and He made them to forget their ugly life situation. Here is the testimony:

By the special grace of God, My name is Sister Peace Obinna and I come from River State, Nigeria.

I am here to return all glory to God for what He has done for me. My testimony goes like this:

In 2009, we bought a cable, before then I was having a delay in conception for 8 years. After buying the cable, my husband connected it. Checking up on some channels, he saw this ministry(The Chosen TV).

He called me and said I should come and see this church, I sat with him and we started watching the channel. When I saw miracles that were happening during the prayer of our Daddy G.O. I said to my husband: forget it, this is abracadabra!

Before I could know it, my husband fell in love with that channel. Then during the message session, he called me and said, ‘ come and see God in action. There is one thing that is certain, the devil can give a man everything, but can’t give him salvation. This man that’s preaching salvation message is from God’.

On hearing and seeing this, I had no option but to join him in watching the Chosen TV channel.

It got to a time that my husband began to attend the Mgbidi program every beginning of January. At that time, we were still attending our old church and hadn’t joined The Lord’s Chosen church fully. We attended the Mgbidi program every January, but in 2012, he went alone and returned to place his hands on my stomach stating that Daddy G.O has released babies and he has collected our own share of the blessings.

In amazement, I asked if it was magic and said it does not work like that: there’s no way I can get pregnant by just laying hands on my stomach.

Beyond my imagination, that same January, I conceived. During that time, I passed through a lot of challenges but God delivered me and proved himself in my life. Today, the God Of Chosen has broken the yoke of 8 years delay in conception in my life and blessed us with lovely children. Praise God!

My second testimony goes like this: those children we have are all female children. So, in 2019, I attended the Mgbidi program with my husband. I wrote a prayer point because our Daddy G.O said we should write 12 prayer requests. One of the points stated in a number was the demand for a male child.

I said, ‘ God, I want you to give me a baby boy this year, and if you do it for me, I will come to the altar of The Lord’s Chosen Church in Mgbidi to glorify your name with a certain amount of money. I passed the prayer points to my husband so as to view it, after going through it, he said, ‘ yes, it is accepted’.

Today, I want you to know that this child I am carrying here is the proceed of that prayer that I made.

After we came back from Mgbidi 2019 program, I conceived and when I delivered this child, I discovered it was a baby boy! Hallelujah!

I’m here to fulfill the vow which I made at Mgbidi 2019 and to present this child to the God of Chosen who has done it for me and my family. Let His name alone be glorified.

At this point, I pray that my Daddy in the Lord will make heaven at last. The Chosen members, I, and my family members shall also make heaven at last in Jesus’ name. I cover my testimonies with the blood of Jesus Christ.

God Of Chosen Is So Great!

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