15 Years Frequent Urinating Rolled Away By God Of Chosen

My name is Brother Moses Nwa-Jesus, I want to thank God for making me a Chosen. I worship in the Lucky Fiber region under Elepe Autonomous, Ikorodu, Lagos State, Nigeria.

I have come to thank the God of my Pastor for rolling away from the yoke of 15 years of frequent urinating out from my life.

Sometimes, I do mess myself up at night and this has brought shame to me. Yesterday, in the program “Only God Can Do This“, our Daddy in the Lord mentioned my case and said, “All of you that have frequent urinating, some of you will urinate once, while others will not urinate at all this night”. I claimed it.

Although I have been praying fervently about this issue, at our G.O’s prophetic declaration I was perplexed and knew it was for me, he said” anything challenging your existence must die today” I was touched and I fell under anointing. When I got home, I tried to eat those things I was told not to eat as a result of the sickness: fruits, salad, and lots of water and went to bed without going to the toilet. I slept until 3:30 – 4:00 am then I woke up to pray, I prayed for a long and forced myself to urinate once. After the prayers, I slept off and didn’t urinate until I woke up this morning to prepare for Sunday service. Praise God!

Before now, I urinate more than 20 times a day. I always feel ashamed to move with people. Sometimes, I urinate more than 5 times in an hour and because of this I frequently move around with my belt loose.

Today, I’m so happy and grateful for the unexpected deed of God in my life. I appreciate God’s healing hand upon me. Now I can freely enjoy my body, I don’t have to bother myself about urinating frequently. Let the name of God be glorified in Jesus name.

To my Pastor I pray: God will continue to make you a terror in the kingdom of darkness. Let God strengthen and uphold our Mommy in the Lord and children, as they have started we’ll they shall end well. To the Chosen members worldwide, I and my family, I pray: Heaven, at last, shall be our portion in Jesus’ name.

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