Triple Academic Excellence Granted By God

Proverbs 28:5 Evil men understand not judgment: but they that seek the LORD understand all things.

The only Good God who gives wisdom to His children has granted our brother academic excellence. Read his testimony below.

My name is Bro Evans Chukwuebuka Jaja, I thank God who granted me admission in the year 2015 to study linguistics and communication studies at the University Of Port Harcourt.

During my undergraduate period, I encountered so many challenges, the spectacular one happened in my final year when I was writing my final papers, all of a sudden, the hall became rowdy, the invigilator collected our scripts and I had not finished writing. I left the hall feeling bad but I remembered I am a Chosen. I went straight to the campus fellowship venue in my school because I believe that is the altar connected to the altar here at the headquarters, I prayed there and continued in prayers in my closet.

A faithful morning, in my revelation, a man (angel) asked if I have finished my exams, he gave me my papers, I started writing and at some point, I felt like I might not remember what I read. Two weeks later, our results came out and I made straight A’s.

I thank this God who crossed me over and crowned my efforts with success; He made me emerge as the best-graduating student in my department, the faculty of humanities, and overall best-graduating student at the University Of Port Harcourt

I give God all the glory and honour who has done these great things for me and I wish our G.O. and all Chosen members Heaven at last.