Read What Made Her Leave White Garment Church And Became a Chosen.

O taste and see that the LORD is good: blessed is the man that trusteth in him – Psalm 34 vs 8

Wow! the above bible passage is a typical scene of what happened to our beloved sister, she tried and saw what God can do.

My name is Justina Adeosun. I reside in Ogun State and I am a widow, I came to The Lord’s Chosen Church for the first time yesterday during the women’s program titled Women Thou Hast Found Favor With God 2022.

Three months ago, I collapsed and couldn’t use my body at all. I managed to call one of my sisters-in-law who resides in Borno State and is also a member of the Lord’s Chosen Church over there. I narrated the terrible situation to her and she prayed for me, The next day, I was able to stand up and use my body again.

She called me 2 days ago and invited me to the Women’s Program that took place yesterday. I sincerely wanted to be here for the program but I had no transport fare, I prayed to God that if He the God of Chosen is a true God, He should provide money that would take me to the program.

After that prayer, a sister favored me with #1000 I used the money to start coming here. When we reached Oshodi, I realized that I have exhausted the money Just then, a woman I’d never met before approached me and gave me #400 I used #300 to get here and the remaining to get food for my son.

When I arrived here, I started calling the sister that invited me but her phone wasn’t going through. A sister ushered me into the auditorium.

I came with my grandson, He is five years old. He hasn’t been able to use his right hand since birth. He can’t use it to eat or even do anything. But as prayer was going on, I prayed and told God that although I’m a member of a white garment church, I believe He can do something for me here I told him to pray and say ‘Jesu Gbami’ ( a) as I continued in prayers, I felt him tapping me. I opened my eyes and realized it was his right hand that was not working he was using it to tap me. To my surprise, he held something with that hand.

Last night, I could not sleep. I kept on checking the hand if it would remain normal or if it was a one or two-hour miracle. To my surprise, the hand is working effectively till this morning.

It is important to state that his right leg wasn’t straight making it difficult for him to walk. I carried him at my back when coming yesterday but today, he is working with his legs.

I thank God for His healing, I’ve removed my earrings and decided to follow this God of Chosen. In fact, I am now a Chosen. When I return to Ogun State, I will go about telling them that I have seen a God who does great miracles.