INTERVIEWER; Good day Sir, we’re from the PRESS and INFORMATION Department, we’ll like to do a brief interview with you concerning the wondrous Testimony we heard from the podium. Please, may we know you?

TESTIFIER; My name is Brother John Chukwukelo John.

 INTERVIEWER; When did you joined Chosen?

TESTIFIER; I joined Chosen in the year 2006

INTERVIEWER; can you tell us about how it all started?

TESTIFIER; First of all, I want to thank God for making me a Chosen, because He has done great and marvelous things for me. I was once a Staunch Catholic, a type that don’t miss any activities in the Church to the extent that after the masses we will be talking about those that will leave the Church and going to Lord’s Chosen, the officials there were just discouraging people about going to Chosen but it was never in my mind to leave my former Church knowing who I was not until, one certain time when I went to Alaba Int’l market to buy some goods.

At the place that I stood, I saw a big Screen and the man in it was preaching against Worshiping Idols and how Catholics are fond of praying Chaplets that it’s a sin, I shooed him and inquired of him and I was told that he’s the GO of the Lord’s chosen but I was moved in the spirit to listen to his message that day.

INTERVIEWER; Sir, what prompted you to listen to his message knowing that you were a Staunch Catholic goer?

TESTIFIER; Actually, I can’t tell but what I know is that, I wanted to know if what the officials in my Church were talking about was the truth, but I was disappointed because I heard vice-verse of everything. But what amazed me is that I listened with rapt attention and I heard a Salvation Message that I had never heard before, that I stood up, walked to the Screen and touched it asking for mercy of what I had said in the past time because I was among the people that discouraged others on going to Chosen.

Since, that day, I knew that it’s the kind of Life style, I wanted to live but it wasn’t possible in catholic church because ‘Our Lord Jesus Christ said that if you desire a new life, you go for a new leaf’ so after awhile things became difficult that every time I was travelling, it was quite disheartening because my business became crumbling down, I became a shadow of myself looking for a solution to the extent that I start having court case on a Land disputes that lasted for 35 years.

There was this widow who’s a Chosen, saw what i was passing through told my Wife to tell me that I should come to Chosen, if I did, all of our problems will be over, even the Court Case that I had that was dealing with me mercilessly. i had no other options but to compile, luckily for me, there was this program they had that period titled ‘Except the Lord builds the House’. When I came, the program was meant to be a morning one but because some people were getting married they told everyone to go back to their business and come in the evening time but since I don’t have any business at that moment, I decided to stay until our Daddy in the Lord mounted the podium for the cause of the programme

As he was preaching, it was looking as if he someone was playing my cassette for him because He was just listing out all of my problems, He said That Court case that has lasted long, I cancel it, You that they’re fighting to come back to the Village I cancel it and so on’. After that, all of a sudden, the court case that had lasted for ten and the half years i.e. Ten years and Six months at the phase of Three months, God of Chosen cancelled the case.

INTERVIEWER; How did you felt when all this happened?

TESTIFIER; I was shocked at first, because I just came to do ‘Test and See’. That day I came as a doubting believer but am so happy that God, finally, answered my prayers because regularly, I was spending huge amounts of money on this issue.

INTERVIEWER; we thank God for that great miracle, you can continue Sir

TESTIFIER; after that court case, I don’t have any other business again so fortunately for me, I had an invitation to come for an interview at Oshodi Lane Security Estate. We were told to where be in corporate wears, white shirt on black trousers but I don’t have any belts. The one that I had, the head has broken so I just kept the body.

On that day, I just went, flying out and I was being asked what happened and I told them that I don’t like tucking in because everyone was dressing corporate, and them not knowing that I don’t have a belt to put on my waist, so luckily for me, the interview was postponed. As God may have it, that Saturday, was environmental, and I was asking God of how I would go and ask my neighbour of head of belt because but I couldn’t bring myself to go there.

Then that day, as they were doing Environmental, I told my Wife let me go and help them out before they say that am feeling too big to come out and join them. So, I went out, while I was trying to rake out something out from the gutter, there was something that was too heavy and big to come out, so I had to use force use to bring out and luckily for me, I brought out Head of a Belt, it was a thing of joy to me because I felt that God as answered my Prayers and that also ended my own part of the Environmental because I stopped what I was doing, took the belt and washed it with Soap and Water. Then, took it to a shoe cobbler to mend, as a matter of fact they actually did, a total Surgery, attaching different leathers to the head with my  own because the leather I came with was too short for it. I was so happy for this great miracle that on Monday, being the day of the Interview, I went there dressing corporate like my fellow people with Joy.

INTERVIEWER; it’s good to serve this God of impossibilities, so how was the Interview Sir?

TESTIFIER; It was a Success; I blessed the name of the Lord; After the interview, I had to travel down to the village to collect some money from my Late Father because He was the one catering from my Family and I.As a matter of fact, the situation was worse to the extent that it was my parents that were taking care of my Wife and I. So as I went, my parents disagreed of my going back to Lagos by not giving me transport money, saying that I had to come out of Chosen and go back to Catholic church because, they were also  Staunch Catholic goers. It was saddened because I needed to go back to stay with my Pregnant wife but I couldn’t. I was so bitter about it that I cried myself to sleep.

Then at midnight, I never knew that the Angel of God normally comes, so I had a Trance where a Man in Immaculate white came to me at my sorrow state and told me to bring out my palms, He poured out Spit in it, so as I was about to go, He called me back and said ‘As am seeing you’re a successful Man, what made you so?’ and He left, but then, I was trying to notice what was written on His breastplate as he was moving so when He saw that I was so eager to know , he stopped and then showed it to me and what was written, the word there was Perseverance, which to my own understanding, means at the point of difficulty.

When I got back to Lagos, I preserved and God gave me a Job in a Contract in a Security in Ikotun, an offer that am being paid amounts of money that it’s more higher than what i get from my previous business, that am so grateful to God for this great miracle. How He made a Church rat like me to a wealthy man, I give him all the glory because he’s God and not a man.

INTERVIEWER; sir, how do you feel now that you’re a Chosen and what’s your advice to the newcomers?

TESTIFIER; Am grateful to God for calling our G.O and he giving him the grace to do his will, because if not of Him, I don’t know where I could have been. There were times that I was mocked being a Chosen but I preserved and God of Chosen did Signs and wonders upon my Life.

I’ll like to advice the newcomers that no matter the problems you’re passing through , trust him, believe in him, stay put, just as the G.O said ‘Continuation brings Freedom’, just stay put and am assuring that the God that did this great miracle for me will also do so in Jesus name Amen.

INTERVIEWER; Thank you Sir, for your time. You’re blessed.