Read How God Rescued Me From Armed Robbers

2nd Chronicle 20v 15b; Be not afraid nor dismayed by reason of this great multitude; for the battle is not yours, but God’s.

The God who fights our battles has delivered our brothers from death. Read his testimony below:

My name is Pastor Ndubisi Nwachukwu, I joined Chosen in the year 2007, and I am from Abia state.

I want to praise the name of the Living God for the mighty things He has done for me. On the 9th of August 2022, I attended the programme titled “Power belongs to God, Yes!” Due to the heavy downpour, it was difficult for me to board a bus, but fortunately, I saw a sienna going to Abia State and I entered and sat at the front with a lady.

On our way, after we passed the (Penga) junction, towards Umuahia, I felt a hand behind that gripped my neck and I saw a hand that gripped the driver’s neck as well. The driver struggled with the vehicle and the hand, fortunately, he was able to park by the side, opened the door, shut the door back and ran away.

At this point, we understood that the three boys in the vehicle were armed robbers. Immediately, they started operating, firstly, they robbed a woman at the back, and also robbed the lady by my side of her bag, phone, and money. I held my belongings and I declared myself that “I am a Chosen, I am a Chosen, I am a Chosen, the God of my pastor power where are you?” they were unable to take anything from me.

There were two robbers by the side of the door, close to where I sat, one of them commanded the other to use his gun and blow off my head. I was putting on the Apron of the just concluded program, I continued to shout “Where is the God of my pastor power?” The man that was commanded to shoot me and the person that made the command could not do anything; both of them looked pinned.

Suddenly, the third out of the three armed robbers came around, and shouted to his other members to run so they won’t be arrested by the military, they ran and entered the bush.

After the incident, it was dark and there was no vehicle to carry us, just then, we saw a private car that was parked, we rushed in with our bags, and the passengers from our car began to cry and narrate the incident to the man. The man said he was coming from a programme and he is a man of God. The man asked why I wasn’t robbed among them, and the woman with us told him that I was saying something that couldn’t allow the robbers to shoot or collect anything from me.

When we alighted, we needed to board a tricycle and I paid for all their expenses and also collected their contacts. This made the tricycle rider ask why I wasn’t robbed and they replied that I was declaring something that didn’t allow the robbers to shoot or collect anything or money from me. Praise the Lord!


My second testimony goes thus;

On the 17th of August 2022, I went for a vigil at Ohafia, on my way, I heard there was a combat between unknown gunmen and the military. I had invited two people for the vigil who left before me since I am a pastor.

I boarded a bike, and on our way, we ran into the hands of unknown gunmen at that Ohafia, and there was bloodshed everywhere.

Suddenly a man hit the bike man that was carrying me with a strong plank and injured him, but when they wanted to hit me, I declared that “I am a Chosen, I am a Chosen, I am a Chosen” then the man’s hand hanged and he could not do anything, when he brought down his hand, he said, “Pastor, come to this side.”

That was how God delivered me from death two times in the same month, and I say this God that has done these, may His name alone be glorified forever in Jesus name.

Chosen praise the Lord!