Psalm 113:7-8 He raised up the poor out of the dust and lifted the needy out of the dunghill; That he may set him with princes, even with the princes of his people.

Our God is a perfect planner and a progressive worker. When He opens the chapter of anyone, that person’s story is changed forever. God has done it again, and our brother is a living witness. Read his testimony.

My name is Brother Chukwuneye, I came from the United States of America. I want to share my testimony of how God changed my life.

It all started in 2015, when our General Overseer (G.O) asked us to sow a generational seed. At that time, I was very poor and had nothing to eat. I managed to get #5000 and I sowed it as a seed.

I had a shop where I sold building paint, but I had no paint in stock. All my friends were getting married, but I couldn’t because I had no money for food. I was just serving God with all my heart. There was a lady who liked me and wanted to marry me, but I needed #20,000 to pay for her bride price. I tried to raise the money, but I failed.

One afternoon, I was praying, and I saw a man with a Bible. He said to me, “You can’t marry just anyone.” When I turned back, I couldn’t see the man. It was a mystery to me. I continued praying, not knowing that God had a big plan for me.

In 2017, I had the opportunity to meet our G.O and he said, “I rebuke the spirit in you, you will break a record in your village.” I was surprised he didn’t pray long. Soon after, God started blessing me. One day, my mum called me from my hometown and said God showed her a short, fair-skinned woman named Joy. She asked me if I wanted to marry her. I said yes. God made it possible for me to marry joy, who lived in the USA.

I arrived in the USA and got a job in the same month. I remembered the G.O’s words, “Wherever you are not qualified, God will qualify you.” God qualified me, even though I couldn’t understand their English accent. The manager treated me kindly and trained me until I was familiar with my job role.

I started working in April, and by December of the same year, I built a two-storey building. Today, I have land in Imo State and Anambra State.

Glory be to God

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