Read How God Delivered Me From Evil Conspiracy, Gun Shot And Favoured Me Massively.

Psalm 62:11 says: “God hath spoken once; twice have I heard this that power belongeth unto God.”

Yes!! Power belongs to God. The God who has the power to kill and make alive has proven his power in the life of our brother.

Below is his Testimony;
My name is Brother Afam Okorie also called the double Mopol, I worship in Enugu State.
I am here to thank God for myself and my family. In 2022, a group of progressive union members leveled some allegations against me. They alleged that I sold a land they gave me to sell and I was not the one. They began to threaten me, and each time they threaten me, I declare to them that I am Chosen.

After some time, they reported me to a shrine in Ezeagu village and the chief priest called me. After asking what my offense was, he mentioned the name of the progressive union that was having issues with me and went further to say that I should bring a list of items to his shrine. I told him that I am a Chosen and that he was the one that ought to bring a trailer load of cows to me, then I cut the phone. They did this in agreement with the owner of the land but the owner died in 2020.

So when they knew what I told the chief priest, one of them that knew me called me to say that he was our G.Os friend while he was in Lagos, but I told him that it was none of my business. That my hands are clean. These progressive union members used this shrine to kill the wife of the land owner in 2021. As that was not enough, they killed the only son. When one of them called to ask me if I heard what happened, I told him it was not my business because I am a Chosen and my hands are clean and I didn’t sell the land.

On the 17th of November 2022, exactly a year after the demise of my mother, I was at one of my locations at Garki Okunano close to UBA bank, when armed robbers who were notorious for terrorizing POS attendants came to our location. They killed several people. On that faithful day, I was seated at my shop and suddenly I saw someone pointing a gun at me. I declared myself that I AM A CHOSEN and that I will not die. Two other armed robbers joined him. They struggled to break my shop-door protector and also threatened to shoot me if I refused to open it but I refused to open it.

I called the God of Chosen and their gun couldn’t answer but when they shoot in another direction, it will answer. As I turned to the other side of the shop, another armed robber was there pointing his gun at me at a close range. I declared again who I am again and his gun became mute. Then he grabbed my POS machine and I asked him armed robber, who are you? He dropped the POS immediately as though an electric current shocked him. I thank God for the courage to stand before them as everyone else ran away including the staff of the bank near us.

People didn’t believe that I survived that experience. Everyone gathered when the armed robbers left and were all amazed at me. A woman witnessed everything that happened from where she hid and said the people must hear this. I passed a decree that if those armed robbers didn’t repent they would die. Unfortunately, they didn’t and they are buried today. After that encounter, I began to receive countless favours. My trust score increased. Someone can give me over 2 million Naira and ask me to deposit it when I have the time. God also favoured me with a shop that cost 4 million Naira. God also made me one of the MTN franchise dealers after I willingly took over a project in my branch church worth 80k. This was aside from the partnership deal I have with them already.
Also, about a week ago, I bought a piece of land worth 3 million naira.

I bless God for all he has done for me and I pray for my Pastor and all Chosen members in heaven at last in Jesus’ Name.