Read How God Dealt With 27 Years Of Affliction – Lagos Experience 2023

Behold, I will do a new thing; now it shall spring forth; – Isaiah 43 vs 19a

God Almighty, the Miracle Worker did a new thing in the life of our beloved brother whom the family has lost hope of his deliverance. Below is his testimony.

My name is Bro Daniel, I’m from Ogun State, Nigeria, and with me is my Uncle Bro God’s Power, he has been deaf and dumb for 27 years.

During the new year, I reluctantly told my family members that I would want to attend Mgbidi Lagos Experience 2023 with him, they agreed and we prepared to travel to Lagos State.

However, one thing that struck me when we arrived here is that he always meditates and prays for God’s visitation, and as soon as the Man of God started prayers and declaration of freedom to the oppressed, I prayed, touched, and talked to him. Just then, I asked him to say something and he did.

Hey! I was astonished by this great miracle; when all hope was lost, God came through and did it for us. Now, he can hear and speak clearly.

Thank you, Lord, we are grateful. My heart is filled with joy. Praise the Lord!

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