Read How Evil Manipulation Was Destroyed And Three Nails Vomited

Psalm 124:7 Our soul is escaped as a bird out of the snare of the fowlers: the snare is broken, and we are escaped.

The only Good God who delivers us from our enemies when no man can save us has delivered our brother from the chains of the wicked. 

Read his testimony below:

My name is Nareobo Ambrose, I am 32 years old and from Delta State, Nigeria. I am the son of a Chief Judge in Delta State and my father married six wives.

It happened that I got admitted as a student of Uzoro Polytechnic to study Business Administration, and when my matriculation date was fast approaching my father asked me to go and collect money from my stepmother because my mother is living far away from me. In obedience, I went to my stepmother’s place to take the money and go back to school. On reaching there, she gave me food to eat, after eating, I wandered away forgetting that I came to collect money for my matriculation from there I went to Bayelsa clubbing and spending lots of money without my mother’s knowledge. 

On a faithful day, I was beaten to pulp by thugs because they accused me of stealing, then someone who knew my mum informed her, she doubted it because she expected that I would be in school but when she arrived at the scene, she saw me and fainted, and both of us were hospitalized. When I regained consciousness, she told me all she knew my stepmother did when I was a baby. my stepmother’s younger sister also confessed to my mother what her sister did to us. She hid a canoe that has nails and needles in it wrapped in red and black clothes under my bed, then I questioned why she didn’t tell me this since, but she said she didn’t have the courage to do so and that my father was aware but he said it should remain on the low to avoid family problems.


When my dad passed away in 2019, I started bricklaying work and other petty roadside jobs, I have step sisters and brothers residing in London and other countries. Due to my lifestyle, I started sharing my problems with people. As the first child of my mum, she has taken me to so many places to get solutions, and because of me she lost her business yet all efforts proved abortive.


 One faithful day, I met a friend at the site where we mold building blocks, I shared my problems with him and he told me how he passed through pain when his wife was trying to put to bed so they took him to The Lord’s Chosen Church in Warri, Delta State, Nigeria and he got his miracle. He called the name of the ministry Christ Chosen, Right then I decided to look for the church, I sold my phone and used the money I realized from it to come to Lagos, on reaching Lagos the driver dropped me at Iyana Isolo Bridge. I entered a police station because I was afraid of Lagos and asked them about the church but they told me it was late and that I should sleep under the bridge, I did and the next day, my shoes and N2000 with me were stolen.


 I entered a market called Aswani, I saw two ladies with this apron it was written The Lord’s Chosen my friend said it was Christ’s Chosen but I wasn’t concerned because there was Chosen there. I walked up to them and ask them about the direction to the church, she gave me a chair to sit on and assured me that after their evangelism they will take me to church. They brought me to the headquarters and gave me N1000 to eat.


 At night, a woman saw me lying down in the church and gave me a blanket to cover myself because of mosquitoes. In the morning my spirit told me to go and meet the woman and when I went she asked if I have eaten and I said no, she gave me food to eat. After eating, I narrated to her all that brought me to Chosen church and she said my problems are over. I was very happy because I saw someone for the first time being nice to me. All my life no one has been this nice to me, when I get close to people they run away so I am used to being alone. I was with her till the 1st of January 2023. That day, during the program titled “Changing The Filthy Garment,” a brother saw me wearing an old apron given to me by a woman, and he gave me money to buy a new one.


 The G.O. mounted the pulpit and prayed that we should remove our filthy garments seven times I did it, and he also said we should put on new garments, I also did it. Not too long after the prayers I was pressed and I told my sister in Christ( the one that showed me kindness) that I want to use the toilet. On my way, I didn’t feel like using the toilet again, I then decided to drink water, and as I was about to drink the water I vomited something out of my mouth, it was two small nails filled with blood. I did not believe it came out of my mouth. The woman’s son came and brought food for me to eat I did not tell him what happened to me, and as I put the first spoon into my mouth, I vomited the third nail on his body, and he was surprised. 

Immediately I felt like something left my body, and I was able to stay from the beginning of the program to the end. Before now, I can’t sit in a place for too long, I always feel something pushing me to move away and do something that I don’t like to do. If I have any money I will spend it foolishly. But now I can sit down for 2-3 hours peacefully. When my mother called me, I told her all that has happened but it was hard for her to believe, this woman assisting me here later narrated everything to her. Now I am free and saved. 

I want to thank God for healing me and for keeping my mum alive to hear my testimony. I also want to thank God for making me a Chosen member now. I pray for my G.O. heaven at last.  


Praise the Lord!

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