[VIDEO]Nollywood Actor Prince Dr. Emeka Ani Testifies In The Lord’s Chosen Church

The Protocol Breaker, Mighty Healer, the Amazing God that doeth amazing things came through for our brother whom the enemy marked for death and set him free just by a word from the servant of God, indeed God is faithful. Read his testimony below.

My name is Prince Doctor Emeka Ani, I am a Nollywood actor who featured in a movie for the church in 2007 titled, “Chosen From Above”. Since then till now, anytime I see members of The Lord’s Chosen Church, I take them as brethren.

Here is my testimony:

In 2020 December, I traveled to my village in Enugu State for a burial ceremony as a free man without pain.

Two days later, I noticed signs of boils around my buttocks, they were big boils and I was perturbed about that. I called my doctor and explained my situation to him, then he asked me to come to the hospital.

The next day, I left Enugu State and move down to Owerri in Imo State to see the doctor, he saw the boils and decided to operate on them. After the operation, the sore refuse to get healed maybe because I have diabetes. I stayed in the hospital for seven months lying down without sitting, I don’t sleep, eat well, or even bathe.

However, at a point, I begged the doctor to discharge me so I can go and see if there are other means I can get a solution.

He discharged me and I left Owerri back to Enugu State. There in my state, I was afflicted with a stroke which became a double tragedy for me. I ran from pillar to post for a remedy yet no changes occurred, even the biggest hospital where they cure stroke in Anambra State tried their best but all was to no avail.

In February 2022, I came to Lagos and called the man of God (Pastor Lazarus Muoka), he couldn’t pick up his call, so I texted him that I’ll be coming to the church. I arrived here, and after the service, I requested to see him in his office. I was directed to where he was and he (the man of God) laid hands on me and made a short prayer thus: behold this sickness has been bordering you for close to two years now, you will not go back to your house with them. He prayed for me and said, ” have faith in God, by the special grace of God you shall come to this church to give testimony about God’s goodness”, I claimed it by faith.

I am here today to say that the power of the Almighty God is in the man of God and The Lord’s Chosen church, that persisting sore that has refused to go is no more.
Secondly, the stroke that hit me in June last year which made me unable to make use of my left hand and leg properly has vanished; I am healed. I can now play football.

My brethren, join me in thanking God for what He has done in my life. If not for Him, I would have been a dead man. When you go through the social media you will see where they wrote “Emeka Ani RIP” but God came through for me and saved me.

All I have is not enough to praise God. Surely, there is God in Chosen.

Praise God!!!