Multiple Deliverance Granted By Grace And Miracle

Isaiah 44:25 He frustrateth the tokens of the liars, and maketh diviners mad; turneth wise men backward, and maketh their knowledge foolish;

The above scripture was displayed in the life of our beloved sister, God saw her through.
here is her testimony.

My name is Regina and I reside in Benue State, Nigeria. I want to thank God for making me and my family Chosen members.

I joined this great movement after the crusade titled, “There Cometh One Mightier Than All”, 2023. I never knew that the enemies were angry and planned to kill me. It happened in 2014 I was pregnant with my 3rd baby and the program, “And The Enemies Submitted”, 2014 was held here.
I came to the crusade six months into pregnancy. Before I came to the program, I used to dream about dead people but when I arrived here, my G.O. mentioned the case, I claimed it and felt cold sensation all over my body, which is a confirmation that the prayer is for me. After the crusade, while we were very close to Otukpo around 10 to 11 pm, our bus ran into a thick bush and as God may have it, a very big stone nearby waged the bus from crashing, that was how all of us came out of the car unhurt.

When I got home, it happened that there would be a Women’s Program in Makurdi and I attended it. On our way back, we boarded a wagon, and as we began to move, boom! We had a terrible accident. The vehicle somersaulted beyond repair and the driver who I sat at his back directly died instantly but nothing happened to me and the baby in my womb. At nine months, I delivered my baby peacefully.

Secondly, on February 2021, it happened that there was a fight in a particular part of Benue State where we reside, houses, markets, shops, and millions of goods were burnt that day but this God Of Chosen secured our shops( my husband and I). The shops in front and behind my husband’s own were burnt down. On the other hand, shops behind mine also caught fire.
After the incident, I met a man who watched the scene and he told me that some people were busy throwing cartoons on top of the roof of my shop for it to catch fire but God disappointed them.

Thirdly, it happened that when I was pregnant with my fourth child at eight months, I went for a scan and the doctor told me that my baby was sitting and that it won’t be possible for me to deliver it and if I have to, it must be through Caesarian Operation. After my discussion with the medical officer, I called my branch pastor who prayed for me, I didn’t return to that hospital till when I was due to deliver.

At nine months, I went to the hospital and on getting there, I met a woman who has been in labor for five days, the nurses have done everything they could but all was to no avail. When I was to be attended to, I declared myself a Chosen and my baby who was reportedly sitting in my stomach came out by force. As the woman saw my baby on her bed she shouted, “God Of Chosen come and help me!” immediately, the woman delivered her baby.

Praise the Lord!