Miraculous Deliverance From The Hands Of Kidnappers – Mgbidi Lagos Experience 2023

The Mighty In Battle stood in the defense of our sister’s nephew, read the details below.

My name is Sister Courage, I came from Abuja and have come to appreciate God for what He did for me last year 2022.

On Tuesday 8th of December, my sister called and said, ‘sister, my son has been kidnapped’. I shouted, what? And how did it happen? She said the boy left home to go and buy something and didn’t return, I told her that nothing will happen to him.

Two days later, on Friday morning, she continuously called to say that they haven’t seen him, so I decided to call my pastor who said, ‘sister, close your eyes let’s pray’. After the prayer, he decreed thus: I cause confusion in their midst, I turn those kidnappers against themselves.

On Sunday 11th of that same month was our combined service and I was unable to call them, I rushed to the church and after the service, I went home and placed a call to them, then my sister’s husband requested to speak with me, he asked, ‘who did u say prayed’? I replied, uncle what happened? He told me that those kidnappers called him that morning to say ‘Oga where are you? Come and take your son or we will kill ourselves. He told them he’ll be with them shortly because before then they had demanded 30 million down to 18 million and three million Naira.

On Saturday before that Sunday, they asked him to bring one million Naira. He said that he called me that Sunday morning because he wanted me to lend him 200 hundred thousand Naira. I replied, God forbid, my Pastor has prayed. Later on, he went to the place with a million naira and gave them the money but they refused it and asked if he wants to kill them. They pleaded with him to go with his son and the money. That made him ask, ‘who did you say prayed’. I told him, my Pastor. He continued, even when they asked me to go I looked at them in amazement while I went away with my son and the money.

Hallelujah! I return all glory to this Awesome God who has done us well.

I pray for my G.O., his wife, children, and Chosen members worldwide, heaven at last in Jesus’ name.