Miracle In Ebonyi State: Three Years Of Blindness Vanishes At “God That Changeth Situation”

In a remarkable turn of events, the divine intervention, God of Chosen has brought forth miraculous healing in the life of Sister Ndidi Nweke from Ezza North Local Government Area, Abakaliki, Ebonyi State. After enduring three years of blindness and tirelessly seeking a solution in various places, her situation has been transformed.

Driven by compassion, Sister Christiana Nwakpa extended her support and brought Sister Ndidi to the special program titled “God That Changeth Situation.” It was during this momentous occasion that our beloved General Pastor ascended the pulpit and pronounced healing for all those afflicted and oppressed by the forces of darkness. As if struck by lightning, Sister Ndidi experienced the divine power of God coursing through her, instantaneously restoring her vision to perfect clarity.


Truly, we are blessed to serve such a benevolent and all-powerful God!

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