Medically It Was Impossible For Me To Conceive But Today My Story Has Changed

Psalm 113:9 – He maketh the barren woman to keep house, and to be a joyful mother of children. Praise ye the Lord.

When everyone gave up on her including the doctors, God Almighty swam into action, and her miracle was birthed.

Read her testimony.

Our names are Sister Esther Chigozie Ihuoma, my husband is Brother Stanley Ihuoma and our children’s names are Brother Blossom Chikamso and Sister Blessed Chizaram Ihuoma. I worshipped at the Isashi 2 branch, Lagos State.

We are here to appreciate this God of Chosen for breaking the yoke of 13 years delay in conception in our marriage.  We got married in this ministry in May 2010,

We waited for the fruit of the womb for years as other women do, we continue to wait upon the Lord, and serve Him because our G.O. usually admonished us that “Continuation brings freedom.”

We waited for several years; we visited so many hospitals within and outside Lagos State. There were many complications like fallopian tube blockage, fibroid, and hormonal imbalance. At the last hospital I visited, after several tests, the doctor saw the results, he asked to see my husband, I told him that he traveled and he said to me “Medically, you cannot conceive but only through God’s intervention because there is nothing God cannot do’’.

I gave the result to my branch pastor; I told him what the doctor said and he responded that he would name my children before leaving this branch and that God would surely intervene. I believed and I continued coming to church.

It came to a stage; where I experienced heavy menstrual flow which resulted in a shortage of blood. Despite all these challenges, I kept calling on God for divine intervention; I always attended Thursday’s Counseling and Deliverance Service because I knew that God would surely come through for me. I reminded this great God of Chosen of a woman who testified that her fallopian tube was cut off since God can make that woman conceive, which means that my case is nothing before Him.

On a fateful day, I had a revelation where I saw several women lying down on the altar praying.  The angel of my pastor came out; he saw a girl in our midst and chased her away. He came back and pointed at me and I stood up. He then faced the altar and made a prayer compassionately in the Igbo language which goes thus:  ” Onyenwe m na Chineke m, lee olu gi Nwaanyi a, nke ometere na nke ndi ozo metere, chineke nna mere ya ebere, baghara ya, zoputa ya. It’s interpreted to mean ”My Lord my God, look on your daughter; have mercy on her, notwithstanding her offense and the ones others did against her.  Please forgive her and deliver her in Jesus name, Amen.

After that encounter, the God of Chosen intervened in my situation, He rolled away all my afflictions and complications and blessed me with twins (a boy and a girl) despite the doctor’s report.

I thank God for the privilege to stand on this podium to testify like other women. I am so grateful.

Have you been told that medically you cannot conceive? Are people mocking and asking you ‘where is your God?’ Probably you have exhausted all your options looking for a solution, my dear, cry no more, your solution is here. Just pay us a visit at the Lord’s Chosen Charismatic Revival Movement and your sorrow will turn to joy in Jesus name, Amen. To God be the glory.