Instantaneous Demonstration Of God’s Power At The Grand Finale Of “Only God Can Do This”, December Retreat 2022

The presence of God was mightily seen today as the glory of God came down at the instant of the declaration of healing from God’s servant and numerous miracles were recorded. People with hopeless illnesses, diseases infirmities and afflictions of all kinds walked away smiling.
1. Name: Bro ola
Testimony: 7 years protruding stomach due to poison deflated instantly
2. Name: Bro Godwin
Testimony:1 year shocking sensation I’m waist and legs and unable to walk healed
3. Name: Sis chinonyerem
Testimony: 1-month weakness of bone and unable to walk healed
4. Name: Bro shola
Testimony:3 months stroke healed instantly
5. Name: Bro Chima Sunday
Testimony:2 years unable to walk healed
6. Name: Sunday Kehinde
Testimony: 5 years unable to stand and walk Healed
7. Name: Bro speedy
Testimony: 7 years stroke healed instantly
8. Name: Sis Eunice
Testimony: 6 years of pain in the waist that resulted in paralysis healed
9. Name:
Testimony: 1 year & 2 months stroke healed
10. Name: Sis ariet okon
Testimony: 1-month inability to use hands healed
11. Name: Sis amarachi Obi
Testimony: 2 years of blinded eyes instantly Healed
12. Name: Bro Anthony Idakwo
Testimony: 5 hours missing were restored back instantly
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