Instant Touch Of God At The First Day Of “The King Has Decided To Honour You” Crusade 2022

The whole congregation rejoiced exceedingly as the Mightier Than All magnified Himself in our midst at the instance of healing and freedom declaration. Below are the wondrous works of God:

1. A man, with three months of kidney failure, healed.

2. A woman, 10 months paralysis and 12 with months leg of poison, healed.

3. Twins (boys) born deaf and dumb for 7 years, healed.

4. Two students( boys) from the school of deaf and dumb,18years and 17 years born deaf and dumb, healed.

5. A man, 6 months stroke, healed.

6. A man, 12 years stroke, healed.

7. A woman with six months of broken bones, healed.

8. A woman n, 8 years stroke, healed.

9. A woman, three years stroke and rheumatism, healed.

10. A man, 8 months broken bones, healed.

11. A woman, two years and 11 months heart enlargement, swollen legs, two years and 11 months constipation, rolled away by God; she has gone to the toilet twice.

12. A man, five years stroke, healed.

13. A woman, six months and two weeks stroke healed.

14. A man, one year and three months stroke.

15. A woman with six weeks of leg pain, healed.

16. A woman, 11 months partial stroke, healed.

17. A man, one month of swollen legs, healed.

18. A man, 12 years demonic attack of hearing from demons is now free.

19. A man, 20 years deaf and dumb rolled away.

20. A man, with three years of broken bones healed

21. A woman, two years stroke healed.

22. A woman within, 1-year paralysis, healed.

23. A woman with n 1-year paralysis, healed.

24. A man, 27 years born deaf and dumb, healed.

25. A man with two months and two weeks of stroke, healed.

26. A man with four years of acute arthritis, healed.

27. A woman, with three months of leg poison, healed.

28. A man, with two years of tuberculosis and diabetes, healed.