Instant Testimony At The Grand Finale Of The Miracle Crusade, ‘God That Does What No Man Can Do’, 2023

Show me of a Being who specializes in doing the impossible, I would show you the God Of Chosen. Below are testimonies of God at the instant declaration of our General Overseer:

1. A woman, with 2 years of kidney failure healed

2. A woman afflicted with a pelvic disease that caused her to bend while walking healed

3. A woman, 1 week and 3 days foot poison healed

4. A man, with 2 years of broken bones joined together

5. A woman, 2 months of stroke healed

6. A woman, with 13 years of waist pain healed

7. A man, with 5 years stroke healed

8. A man, 1 year of paralysis healed

9. A woman, with 2 months of paralysis healed

10. A man, 2 months of terrible pain gone

11. A woman, with 15 years of waist pain healed

12. A woman, 3 months demonic attack crushed

13. A boy, 2 months deaf and dumb now healed

14. A girl, 5 years inability to use her hands and legs now healed

15. A woman, with 5 months of waist dislocation healed

16. A woman, 7 years partial blindness and stroke healed

17. A woman, 16 years deaf and dumb from birth healed

18. A man, 2 years stroke healed

19. A man, 2 and half years stroke healed

20. A man, a 1-year stroke healed

21. A woman, 2 years partial stroke healed

22. A woman, 1-day dislocation healed

23. A woman, 1 year and 6 months stroke healed

24. A man, 5 years stroke healed

25. A woman, with a 1month leg injury healed

26. A woman, 9 months stroke healed

27. A man, 9months sickness diagnosed brain tumor that lead to unable to walk, can now see and speak well

28. A woman, 6 years pains and itching of the body healed

29. A woman, with 9months of waist pain healed

30. A woman, 3days stroke healed

31. A man, 18 months glaucoma healed

32. A woman, with 6 months of partial blindness healed

33. A man, 21years deaf and dumb from birth healed